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formula non z dieing?

so i been having ai suite 2 keep telling me my volts drop to 0 while gaming. so i loaded up hw monitor and this is what it capturedwhile it didnt see 0v on the north bridge it did capture 65v on the cpu? im guessing that this is a error or something ...


[SOLVED] VGA_LED no video output (M7I + i7-5775C)

Motherboard model: Maximus VII ImpactUEFI Version: 3003CPU: i7-5775CMemory kit part number (s) and amount in GB: Crucial Ballistix Sport VLP 2x8GBGPU: noneSSD/HDDs/Optical drives: nonePSU: Silverstone SX600-GUSB Devices (model/version number): keyboa...

WiSK23 by Level 7
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Microphone picking up constant hissing sound

So I had this issue where my R4BE was picking up a constant hissing/static sound from the onboard sound and decided to purchase an HT Omega Soundcard, now I have the same issue allover again on the new Soundcard. I've tested the microphone I am using...

Temps still high after cleaning

Hi,When I first bought my computer (in my signature) I had temperatures of 20-23 on idle (stock clocks).Last week I completely disassembled every piece and thoroughly cleaned it with an air compressed canI even cut open my cpu to switch the cooling p...

Ai suite fan xpert 2 not working?

why can'tAI suite read chassi fan 3 and why can't i control OPT_fan 1-2 i want the auto-fan stop there too.https://i.gyazo.com/8fa6e96d9c571dd87a247083cf6449bc.png

Teletha by Level 10
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VGA LED RED No BOOT Cant even get into into Bios

Hi i have a problem since today on Bootup...VGA LED stuck RED, No BOOT, Debug Code 62... Cant even get into Bios.Yesterday was everything fine.I Tried removing my GPU and the PC works with the onboard Intel HDI tried the second X8 Pcie Slot ,same iss...

LogLab76 by Level 7
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9590 and hte chv

Will the 9590 work on the original chv? Is it even worth the upgrade from the 8150 oced to 4.8?