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AI Suite 3 cleaner - error messages

Hi everyoneI used the "remove program" from control panel to uninstall AI Suite 3. Then after reboot, I tried to use the AI Suite Cleaner 3 software from these forums. When I pressed "clean", it gave me the following error message:"Exception EOSError...

Maximus V Gene Debug code B0?

But my M5G is laughing at me with an 'B0' on its LED. Everything seems fine, but I thought A0 was the go code for a successsful boot. What should it be??

bwana by Level 10
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New motherboard z170

I must buy a new motherboard z170 buy i am indecise i buy asus z170 deluxe,asus z170 premium or sabertooth mark 1/s?

Need help flashing BIOS

First off, I don't own a ROG motherboard. It's a Z87-A.The ASUS website suggests using their "BIOS updater" tool, which updates your BIOS in Windows. My question is this safe? Also, if I choose to update my BIOS in Windows, do I have to load optimize...

handleR by Level 7
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Sabertooth 990FX R2.0

I have had this board for a couple of years and already has been back to Asus for repairs twice.The last time, it scorched itself and it was away for more than 2 months until I got it back. When I did get it back, the CPU would NOT work in it and, as...

Pendaws by Level 7
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slow mode switch

While installing my motherboard into my new case i noticed that my "Slow Mode" switch in the top right hand corner of my motherboard is set to "ON". I have not been doing any LN2 benching. I can not even remember turning it to the on position. Should...

grassy by Level 12
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RIVBE some time doesn't boot properly

hello there My mobo is 1 year old. Im having issu while boot from past 1 month. It's been working great so far. Boot stops here-- http://i62.tinypic.com/29qjy89.jpg (not my screen but this is similar). than i hav to press F1 button ...

i7 4790K + VII Ranger, Asus auto voltage too high

I've been using the 4790K ok the Maximus VII Ranger mobo (just updated to latest BIOS).Overall I have been very happy with the CPU and board.I live in New Zealand, Blenheim to be exact & its summer is right now so it can get very hot & humid with 30c...

VI Formula qcode 55 slots A1 A2 ram not detected

Dear Friends,My mobo has started kicking a fuss ever since I switched from 2 ram sticks to 4 sticks. I recently got a matching pair of cors veng 2133mhz 1.5V ram with same latencies. Upon installation the board kicked up qcode 55, but a cmos reset ...

kyufaker by Level 7
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