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X79 not turning on after GPU swap

i put in a new GPU on this mobo today. now it won't turn on. the mobo green pwr led lights up when PSU is on but the on/off switch isn't turning the machine on.there is a radeon GPU in slot 1 and i swapped out another GPU in slot 2 for a gtx 770. co...

MUPiSz by Level 7
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Upgrade to 980 Ti causing memory instability on RIVE

I am having a few issues and was wondering if anybody could help...I have a RIVE with an i7-4960x and 16GB (4 x 4GB kit) Corsair Dominator 2400Mhz, PSU is Corsair AX1200i. I Have been running with the memory on XMP settings (no additional tweaks) and...

Maximus VI Hero sound problem

Hi,Two weeks ago i bought my Hero board and i like it very much, but i have an issue with it. Sometimes when i install software, and i only get this when installing something (games,apps), i get a weird buzz in my speakers for a few seconds. The comp...

gcatalin by Level 7
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Getting an endless loop of IROG firmware updating.

Hey just installed my new Crosshair V Formula today and had some small problems booting but I reset bios and it booted, but then I get "IROG firmware update" and it goes to successful and restarts and then it starts updating again and again and again...

Retired by Not applicable
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CPU frequency question

Hello, i have a i7 4790k and the maximus hero 7Most of my bios setting are set to default, and i just use the 4.4 turbo mode.But while monitoring my cpu activity with HWinfo64 or HWmonitor, i saw that sometime the frequency goes up to 4.48x instead o...

CH5-FZ+FX9590 stability / have to disable core 7&8

Hi all, I have been using this combination for a while now. And i remained pretty satisfied after the common startup problems that everyone encountered i guess.Until a few months ago trouble started again and until now i couldn't stabilise it. I'm se...