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Dead motherboard or can be ressurect?

Greetings to all ...I have a big problem with my motherboard. Maximus VI Hero. Before month sometin´went wrong and pc couldn´t be started as always does. I am newbie here at ROG and hope find someone who will help me.My motherboard is still in warra...

macros by Level 7
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Windows 10 - automatic repair every boot

Getting weird issue on Windows 10. Everytime i properly restart system windows after next boot windows showing Automatiic repair and then again is restart. And event viewer showing that closing system was not properly.But windows was closed properly....

sde444 by Level 10
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Nepton 280L in the House (HAF X House)

Nepton 280L is not a direct fit into the HAF-X case (FAIL CM) had a couple of brackets to save the day.Go for throttle up!The Big Boss came by to check on progress and get a update on the latest OC numbers.

33097 33096 33098
Orome by Level 7
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Z170 Sabertooth ?

I'll be putting a Samsung 950Pro in this week and would like to know if I should expect any problems with the discrete sound card installed? The 950Pro will be in the M2 slot on the board, not in the pcie adapter.

Heini by Level 11
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rebuilt computer because of dust

i took the computer apart piece by piece and had them on a wooden table. took each piece outside to blow them free of dust.got them all dust free and put the computer back together. it works but i have a total of 24gb ddr3 ram installed 4 x 4gb 1866m...

m0nk3n by Level 7
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Rampage IV Black constant reboot

Have a Rampage IV Black, Core i7 3960, Corsair H100i cooler, 16GB memory, ASUS GTX970 Video, 750 Power Supply.It has been running fine fro about 1/2 year, then without any changes it started a nonstop reboot. It powers ups, a single beep and then sh...

PeterR by Level 7
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