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Anyone Have Z170 SABERTOOTH Mark-S ?

Hello dear Asus users;There are so few info/user about z170 mark-s and only 1 review so far.I would like to buy with with Crucial Ballistix White LT combo but want to know if the board got the same problems as Mark 1 z170.Also some folks from here sa...

Rampage III Black boot issues with SLI

Hello My first message here, unfortunately to ask for some advice I am actually using a somewhat old Rampage III Black, with the following configuration:I7 920 @ 3.5 GHz2x Asus 780 Ti Matrix Platinum (PCIe slots 1 and 3, 16x), stock clocks12GB (3x 4G...

DMZamora by Level 7
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Maximus 5 Formula the phantom A2 q-code

Hello,I've got a very interesting problem, my mobo, a Maximus 5 formula recently decided it doesn't want to boot anymore and started spouting the A2 q-code.I've checked cables(tested on 2 separate comps), I've bought a new ssd (it works on said machi...

ASUS z170 Sabertooth MK1 window 10 install BSOD issues

I've just bought a new motherboard, processor and memory. Trying to do a fresh install of windows 10 however I'm getting lots of issues getting it working. The new setup is:ASUS z170 Sabertooth Mk1 1702 bios (latest)i7 6700kHyperX Fury 16gB DDR4 2400...

Adnormal Ram

A few days ago I noticed a slow down in speed on my Asus Rampage 4 Black Edition motherboard, I have a I7-4930K CPU and 64GB of Ram @ 2133 MHz. I went in the Bios to check things out, my motherboard was fine and my CPU looked good, when checking out ...

mllkn6 by Level 7
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ASUS Z170i Pro Gaming Overclocking

There is a guide here for "Overclocking The Core i7-6700K To 4.6GHz On The Maximus VIII Extreme". I was wondering if those general overclocking steps could be applied to the Asus Z170i Pro Gaming?I have a new mITX PC build with the ASUS Z170i Pro Gam...


kernel power error on R4BE

hi guys,i am really about to have a mental breakdown here.i am fighting this pc for a good month now to find the cause of my kernel power error (event 41 bull**** reboots)this error seems like it was put in windows for the sole purpose of giving you ...

When I try to go into bios, the screen gets no signal.

If I just turn on the pc it works just fine. If I try to go into bios, the screen gets no signal. I upgraded my bios and may have messed around with some settings, so Im not sure if a reset or what can fix this problem ? its been a long time and...

Maximus V formula HALF SSD speed

I've got two SSDS in my system and both are performing at 360MB READ/WRITE and I haven't a clueI have: replaced the sata cables even though they were fineChanged ahci to ide and back on the bios disconnected other drives and just left one inreinstall...