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bios flashback formating usb drive

I spent all night and used everyone of my various flash drives to try to revive my asus maximus V gene after a bad bios flash. For hours I spent formatting drive after drive to get the flashback feature to work. After hours of freaking out(found a "...

JO3YD by Level 7
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Rampage IV Black Edition Motherboard no boot.

Hello,Powered up my Rampage IV Black Edition Motherboard powers up but no boot, Code 00Removed CPU and Video and still Code 00 no beeping from the Rampage IV Black Edition Motherboard.Reseated CPU, GPU, removed power, battery, power up and code 00.Ch...

Falcon1 by Level 7
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Kernel Event 41

Hello,I have been getting abrupt computer restarts since mid-December 2015 with a Kernel Event 41 error. This issue only occurs during high loads in games where there are huge battles. Additionally at the same time the crash occured this message is d...

Computer turns off randomly

Hi all,I have been having this problem for so long. My computer will just turn off without warning.I have changed the power supply and memory and it still happens. Even tried reinstalling windows.Is there anyway to find out what the problem is. I tri...

Lefo16 by Level 7
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Which drivers do we need to install??!!

Hello friends, I’m brand spanking new to the forums and to the world of ROG! I even have the new smell… LOL! I need some guidance concerning the drivers that I need to install of ASUS’s website. I just purchased the Maximus V Formula and will be s...

Will i7 3930K bottleneck GTX 1080?

Hi all, I was wondering whether i7 3930K with Rampage IV Extreme will bottleneck GTX 1080? If it does bottleneck, I want to buy Maximus VIII Extreme with i7 6700K. Any advice before I do my upgrade? thanks

Overclocking i7-4790K & MAXIMUS VII HERO

So i am looking to overclock the MAXIMUS VII HERO with the 4790K and i have looked around and tried doing overclocks that others have had but after testing it i would always get a hardware fail...CPU-Z - http://valid.x86.fr/2xrtdwHere are some settin...

Asus Rampage IV Extreme - need help with sound

Hi! I've ASUS Rampage IV Extreme motherboard, GTX970G1 video card, receiver Onkyo 636 and 5.0 Monitor Audio Silver RXMy questions are:1. What does "SPDIF Out Type" (options: HDMI and SPDIF) in BIOS means? The motherboard has no HDMI ports.2. Optical...

Slow NIC throughput, Little help?

Greetings.I inherited this MoBo and it's CPU and Ram.Currently it runs without issue, it can handle everything I throw at it.The only issue I have is that I am on a 50mb dn/25mb up, which on my 2008 Alienware that hasn't had a bios update since 2009 ...