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Maximus VII Ranger not booting correctly

I've had a search through the forums and haven't found an answer, so thought I would ask my question here.Currently, when I turn my PC on, the ROG logo appears, followed by the intel RAID setup screen and then the ROG logo again before Windows starts...

walks by Level 7
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RIVE mobo and removing a Video card

Hi I have a RIVE mobo and a EVGA 970 in it. I am needing to take the card out but the white thing you push down to pry the card up fell off...is there any other way to get the card out?

Windows 10 short hiccups/freezes

Hello everyone,I have an issue since upgrading to Windows 10, the display and sound will hiccup for a split second. It is barely noticeable sometimes and might be even less than a second. This did never happen when I ran Windows 8/8.1. It happens whe...

HR5171A by Level 7
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Reboot while running stress test

Hi All,SPEC:CPU: i7-4790kCOOLER: CM 212XMB: MAXIMUS VII GENERAM: 8G G.Skill 1600 x 4GRAPHIC: Sapphire Dual-X HD7870PSU: 2themax 750W, used 6-7yearsrun linx, all memory, 5-6 times then reboot. Temp around 95-100 degree.run OCCT by default setting, a...

Demitri by Level 7
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Mic issues - Still no fix?

A perfectly working microphone sounds really low and with a lot of noise on a clean win 7 64 bit install using the latest drivers provided by Asus for the Maximus VI Hero (Realtek_Audio_Win7-8_8-1_VER6017023)Nothing has been overlooked (volume levels...

Serial77 by Level 7
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Asus X99 Deluxe-II Restarting Before POSTing

TL;DR Version:Built new system with Asus X99 Deluxe-II, Intel 5820K and 8x8GB LPX 2400 mhz DDR4. PC POSTs after 2 restarts giving codes "bd" and "b9. Eventually POSTs and boots. PC does not turn on using only 1 to 6 sticks; only when using all memory...

kno37 by Level 7
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Rampage IV Extreme 4TB HDD Detection Issue

I have a Rampage IV Extreme motherboard with the latest BIOS (4901). I am trying to replace one of my 2TB hard drives with a 4TB hard drive. The problem is that the motherboard will not detect the 4TB hard drive on any of the SATA connectors. Is t...

Turn USB off when the computer is shut down

Motherboard is Maximus VI HeroHow to turn the USB ports off when the computer is shut down?Looks like the USBs are powered even when the PC is off.Must be a setting in BIOS.Thanks

TigGrig by Level 7
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