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Rebuilt PC, now it won't boot

About 3 months ago I upgraded my PC, keeping only the case which housed my new parts. I kept the parts knowing I'd use them when I moved out as I'd leave the new build to my younger brother, which brings us to today. I've put together the old build b...

ish27 by Level 7
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Hello, I'm currently using the H110M-R motherboard that i came with the original prebuilt machine i'm using now about 4-5 years ago. I've been gradually upgrading the PC since then but i've never really messed with the bios as i've heard horror stori...

Nazza by Level 7
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I'm using a dated build but recently snagged a AORUS GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition 11G GV-N108TAORUS X-11GD. I'm running this board with an Intel® Core™ i7-4770K and a kit of Corsair Vengeance® 16GB DDR3 1600MHz (CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10).Ever since ...

B-350 when I reboot it chooses wrong drive

I recently moved the OS from the m.2 drive to another drive and whenever I reboot the PC it always tries to go to the m.2 even though the other hard drive is set as the first option. How can I completely remove the m.2 as a boot option so the board ...

DsAMD by Level 7
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ROG Rampage IV Extreme USB 3.0 Issue

Hi,I am still using my ROG Rampage IV Extreme and am "extremely" happy with it I have come across an issue that I am unable to resolve on my own. The I/O connector at the back of the mother board has four USB 3.0 connectors labeled as 1 through 4. ...

Maximus VI Formula

System as described below still serving well as a CAD box and small office data server. Of late the Error Q-Code LED has been throwing a Q-Code 30. Manual lists :30 - Reserved for ASL (See ASL Status Codes Section below)0x30 - System is waking up ...

Svid behavior on b660?

Hi. I couldn't find svid behavior option in b660m plus.Any ideas if it's available? Maybe under other name.Can't seem to find undervolting options on this board. Cpu core voltage offset is bugged. And svid bahavior is missing or can't find it

trihy by Level 9
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B560-i USB-C unable to detect Apple Ipad Pro

Hello, first of all im from Malaysia so my english isnt very well. I had some weird issue with my Asus Strix B560-i USB-C. Since the day I install the mobo, the USB-C unable to detect my ipad pro whether in itunes or desktop. Even the USB notificatio...

Canopy by Level 7
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