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Rampage iv extreme bios update

This might be a long shot but here goes.I'm attempting to upgrade to win 10 from 7 and it fails on safe_os boot. So reading online some say to update my bios. Which I managed to do from 1101 to 1202.Now I've tried going higher but the files are all ....

Maximus V Formula LGA1155 Waterblock Question

Hi,Apologies if this is the incorrect sub-forum, if not please move it mods.I believe the block set I need is called "EK-FB KIT ASUS M5F", right?I'm having trouble finding any even used - but there's one for the V HERO motherboard (EK-FB KIT ASUS M6F...

Z170 PRO GAMING and 250 Ohms headphone?

Gents,I have a Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard, paired with a 6700K. I wish to purchase a Beyerdynamic DT-150 headphone which is 250 ohms. I know impedance alone doesn't say it all, but I would like to know whether high impedance headphone such as this c...

X370 C6H won't update/downgrade BIOS

Welp I'm kind of at a wall. I typically can troubleshoot these problems, no problem. But not today. I'm looking to just go back to an older BIOS (current it 8503) as I noticed this one didn't wanna handle my RAM O/C. So I went and grabbed the file ...

Asus WS-C246 Pro issues

Building a server for home use. Started with an i3-9100 as it was cheap and had ECC support. Got it up and running with little issues. Decided to upgrade the CPU to a Xeon E-2144G...Build:Super Flower Leadex III 650W 80+ GoldAsus WS-C246 Pro BIOS u...

DirtyGuy by Level 7
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Asus Z97-k / USB3.1 no Intel microcode update

Sooo, I was trying to help a family member out with their PC, I noticed the BIOS was outdated, and upgrade to the latest one.And then I remember z97 was a motherboard that received microcode updates from Intel to resolve the Spectre problems.I saw...

oliva33 by Level 7
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Rebuilt PC, now it won't boot

About 3 months ago I upgraded my PC, keeping only the case which housed my new parts. I kept the parts knowing I'd use them when I moved out as I'd leave the new build to my younger brother, which brings us to today. I've put together the old build b...

ish27 by Level 7
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Hello, I'm currently using the H110M-R motherboard that i came with the original prebuilt machine i'm using now about 4-5 years ago. I've been gradually upgrading the PC since then but i've never really messed with the bios as i've heard horror stori...

Nazza by Level 7
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