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M5E woes

Last weekend, I woke my trusty 3-year old M5E from hibernation state after about an hour away from the PC, the screen came on to Windows desktop, but my KB and mouse weren't working on wakeup, so I did a manual power off (holding power button for 4 s...

Croak by Level 7
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Asus Maximus IV Extreme-Z No Boot!

Hello, and respect for all overlockers!I really need your advice about my MB - Asus Maximus IV Extreme-Z.I`ve bought it few days on e-bay and have some problems:1. When I first turn on my PC it starts only when I push "Start" button on the MB.2. Then...

Logrus by Level 7
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Maximus V no BIOS

Just got a new graphics card. It loads Windows with no problem, but there is no splash screen for the BIOS. If I press delete to get to the BIOS, the screen stays black. If I do nothing, Windows loads with no problem. Any ideas how I can get back to ...

Sabertooth X99 - BSOD have me crying in my hands

System Specs: OS: Win 7x64 Motherboard: Sabertooth X99/ BIOS - 1702/ CPU: i7_5820KRam: 32gb Crucial BalisticsGraphics Card: Asus Matrix-GTX980-P/ Driver Ver 350.12No OC (yet)Since start-up I keep getting BSOD STOP codes ever so often. I am too scared...

AI Suite 1 Removal?

I see stickied uninstallers for 2 and 3 but none for 1. I'm guessing 2 works for 1 as well and 3 is a special case only for 3 or they both the same?

Maximus VII Ranger not booting correctly

I've had a search through the forums and haven't found an answer, so thought I would ask my question here.Currently, when I turn my PC on, the ROG logo appears, followed by the intel RAID setup screen and then the ROG logo again before Windows starts...

walks by Level 7
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RIVE mobo and removing a Video card

Hi I have a RIVE mobo and a EVGA 970 in it. I am needing to take the card out but the white thing you push down to pry the card up fell off...is there any other way to get the card out?