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Question about ASUS anti-surge was triggered to protect system.

Hi fast question. My mobo Asus Z170-P and psu Corsair 750RM. If i make very brief power outage ( for 2 second? ) my pc restart with message: "“Power supply surges detected during the previous power on ASUS anti-surge was triggered to protect system f...

sde444 by Level 10
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MPCIE Combo Card gone

Hello guys I got my Z97 impact and lost my combo card, does anyone have a spare or do know where I could get one?

andra94 by Level 7
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monitor not detected dvi on boot

Hellomonitor not detected dvi on boot until restart the monitor*Unlike vga.if i shutdown my pc on vga my monitor*entering sleep mode , but on dvi say check cable connection.so on dvi if i restart my pc must restart my monitor too.

ASUS ROG Strix x99 high VRM temps...

Hello everyone, new member here, just made a switch from EVGA x99 classified to ASUS x99 strix, first ever asus board and unfortunately the switch has not been so pleasant... I had my evga x99 classy for 4-5 months with out a single hiccup and after ...

61091 61092 61093 61095
Sputnik by Level 7
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Maximus VII Hero (AMDA00 can't install / timeout) fix?

Hi, im sure by now many have this issue of "Unknown Device" which is AMDA00 Interface from z87 to z97 ASUS boards. This issue have not been addressed so im bringing it up to see if anyone has a real solution to this.*HIGHLIGHT* If left driver unatten...

normboy by Level 7
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Major problem with Rampage IV Extreme PC! Please help?

Hello everyone,I've been having some major problems with my main computer, which is based on a Rampage IV Extreme motherboard. These are the specs of my computer:Rampage IV Extreme motherboardIntel Core i7 4930k16gb G Skill memoryGeforce 980 GPU500g...

Rampage IV Extreme Asmedia SATA ports not working

Hey, all, I just built this computer and I've been having issues with the non-Intel SATA ports. I understand I'm only supposed to put hard drives in it, but nothing I plug into it works.Right now, I have three drives as a RAID 5, a blu-ray drive, an...

asus x99 deluxe ii usb devices disconnect

i experienced mouse disconnect from usb portbios 1401is this a bug ? all was fine the past week but happened 1st time today. i read somewhere that this is a issue on x99 deluxe ii and strix ?*