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Constant BSODs.

Hey guys, I've been reading these forums over since I got my Crosshair V Formula about a week ago, and figured it was about time I made a post. I have had nothing but difficulties with this board since I purchased it with constant BSODs. I absolutely...

Wheelz by Level 7
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Everything works fine now but just yesterday it crashed

I used the AI Suite to overclock it... it works well for weeks and then suddenly it crashed yesterday. What can I do. I have a i7 2600k... I have a good cooling with it as well [air con room] temps are around 41 degrees only during 50% load I believe...

Crosshair V Formula + Matrix 580 GTX (x3)

I saw that the Matrix 580 GTX cards are triple slot. Will three of these fit into a Crosshair V board? It'd be kind of nice to know before I order them all at once and decimate my life savings. And if not, I've noticed on some reviews of 590 cards ...

Not sure what the problem is...

What's up guys I'm new to the forums and I'm also a new owner of a Maximus IV Extreme-Z motherboard. I absolutely love it!The looks, the features, the everything!I'm having some trouble though, my code at the top says AA. What does this mean? I looke...

Necrodox by Level 7
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PCIe power connections

Does anyone actually use these? Has there been any testing to show when they are most effectively used, ie SLI or Tri-SLI? Also do both need to be hooked up to have an effect. If it's worth doing I'll pick up some cable, but if not I will just lea...

Prophet by Level 7
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Help Needed ! The Build is Unstable and im a Noob.

The Problem: Windows crashes and the system is unstable, I’m an idiot when it comes to the bios and settings, what I need to know is 2 things, How to test a system is stable andWhat settings are known to be stable and when do I start. The Build is as...

Retired by Not applicable
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