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Maximus Z no SLi

Hopefully someone can help, or has had the same problem I moved from a Rampage 3 which ran fine to the Max ZProblem is Sli will not activate, soon as you click it in Nvidia control panel it starts to apply settings then freezes for a few mins, then r...

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CPU core current limit?

Hi @ all!What does "CPU core current limit" means in UEFI Bios of Maximus Extrme IV-Z ?It has the value of 1023.875.Waht does this value mean?

whiggy by Level 7
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Gene Z driver instal

Hi guys I need a little help with installing drivers I downloaded from the Asus web site. There is always a application called AsusStetup so I asume you always use this one but sometimes there is a setup aplication as well and its usualy larger do I ...

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Rampage II Extreme, SLI and slot x16_3.

I would like to upgrade from a GTX 295 to two GTX 570s. Ideally I would like them in slot x16_1 and x16_2, BUT, should there be heat issues due to the 570s almost kissing each other then the backup plan is to move one card to slot x16_3.Is anyone he...

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CH V Issue with sound

Hello there guys!!I have a really big issue and I dont know if the motherboard is defective or I missed any drivers or bios set up.I just got my CH V and I have installed all the drivers mising from a clean windows 7 ultimate 64 installation which wh...

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THX tru studio pro and sound blaster error T_T

hi people my CHFV have arrived soi installed it all clean windows installation upgrade the bios everithing i suposse but heres the deal now when i open the THX tru studio pro it show a pop up that say " the audio device have been disconected or is un...

Yuhuyu by Level 7
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Off topic, but you guys the best.

Sorry for off topic post here, but you folks are the most bonified bad a$$ and extreme elite of computer tech's I know, anyway, last weekend I set my sails on getting a new laptop, and after coming back to store with 2 laptops, with one being a slowe...

X-Fi2 audio device disappeared in my Device Manager

Would the kind Maximux IV Gene-Z owners out there please post the Sound controllers listed in your device manager please?I vaguely remember I used to see something like 'X-Fi2 Audio' listed but now I only have:AMD High Definition Audio Device (this c...

alecela by Level 7
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