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Voltage Reading: Bios vs Sensor vs Multimeter

LLC @ 75%BIOSVcore 1.48VCCSA 0.9250VCCIO 1.15DRAM 1.50CPU PLL 1.718750PCH 1.06PCH PLL 1.06SensorVcore 1.475VCCSA 0.9460VCCIO 1.171DRAM 1.515CPU PLL 1.733PCH 1.058PCH PLL 1.058MultimeterVcore 1.454 (no load 1.460)VCCSA 0.9390VCCIO 1.160DRAM 1.498CPU P...

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HDD/SSD Priority On Gene-Z

This didn’t happing with my Crosshair 4 Formula. I will attempt to go into the greatest detail I can here.I installed a Gene-Z. The SSD, which contained my old OS, is in the 6.0 GB number 1 slot on the motherboard. The HDD which contains no OS, is pl...

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After 2 MB rma's, every imaginal Memory Brand and Config, new HDD's and about 80+Hrs of my time It still will not install an OS .. I've Had Enough ! Thanks for getting back to me RAJA ... ? yeah thanks allot. I'm glad I have this 10 yr old Intel Lap ...

removing overvoltage protection on MIVE P67.

I'm attempting to push past 5Ghz. I'm booting at 5.1 with 1.55v. But I am not allowed to go to 1.56v. I'm attempting to add more because the system locks as soon as I apply a heavy load. I'm well aware I'm entering CPU killing zone. Not really w...

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Maximus IV Extreme-Z won't boot error 30

Hello,First scuse me for my bad english.I'm, on that day, end my pc.My configuration is :Asus Maximus Iv extreme-ZG.Skill Ripjaws X F3-17000CL9D-8GBXLD (4x4g)OCZ Vertex 3 MAx iops 120 gbi7 2600KNvidia GTX 590But, i have a big problem, i can't view im...

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Black Edition availability - UK

Hey Guys,I was wondering if anyone here knew where I can pick one of these up in the UK? I've had one on order, but it looks like it's fallen through. The availability here looks really small. I checked Newegg which appears to be a favourite over...

CMOS clear and RAID config

Hi all,I've got a brand new (and beautiful) maximus IV gene Z with a 2500K, I'd like to play with the overclocking. Now I also have a raid config (intel SRT SSD+HD and another couple of HD with RAID 1) and this config is in the BIOS too.Is there a wa...

USB 3.0 Query/Issue

Hi AllFirst post on this forum, so please be gentle Clean installed Win7 x64 Ultimate +all updates + drivers from Disk, but I get no joy off my USB 3.0 ports.I've got a ICYDock USB 3.0 Enclosure and it works fine if I plug it into a USB 2.0 port, but...

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