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Maximum IV Extreme Rev. 3 Random Freeze problems

Hi allRIG : i72600k (stock speeds)Memory : Corsair Vengeance 2X4GB (CMZ8GX3M2A1866C9)Crucial C300 Raid 0Ati 6970 XFirePC freezes at random points requiring a hard reboot. My memory does not belong to the QLV list. Could this be the problem? Trying to...

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Not so loud high pitched noise from psu

Hi, i just changed to MIVE-Z and i noticed high pitched but not so loud sound coming from psu this is on idle. Tried with another psu and it was clearly louder on that, was an older enermax 1000w. What i got now is corsair tx850, guys, any ideas? I c...

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Gene-Z OC'ing Assistance

I am attempting to get my 2500k to 4.5ghz to start with.Settings:CPU Level Up: AutoAI Overclock Tuner: ManualMaximum Turbo Ratio setting: 45Internal PLL Overvoltage: DisabledEPU: Power Saving Mode: DisabledExtreme OV: EnabledCPU Manual Voltage: 1.250...

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MIVE-Z wont load from DVD

I've just received my MIVE-Z and hooked it up. I was ready to install win7 64 bit but no matter what I do in the bios the dvd writer never reads the dvd disk. All I get is the message......."Reboot and select proper boot device or Insert Boot Media i...

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Pcie 2.1

The problem I'm having with the Maximus IV Gene-Z is I can't get into the BIOS when I have it connected to my MSI 6970 pcie 2.1 card. It works fine when connected to onboard video. ASUS support says the problem is the Maximus has pcie 2.0 specificati...

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Voltage Reading: Bios vs Sensor vs Multimeter

LLC @ 75%BIOSVcore 1.48VCCSA 0.9250VCCIO 1.15DRAM 1.50CPU PLL 1.718750PCH 1.06PCH PLL 1.06SensorVcore 1.475VCCSA 0.9460VCCIO 1.171DRAM 1.515CPU PLL 1.733PCH 1.058PCH PLL 1.058MultimeterVcore 1.454 (no load 1.460)VCCSA 0.9390VCCIO 1.160DRAM 1.498CPU P...

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HDD/SSD Priority On Gene-Z

This didn’t happing with my Crosshair 4 Formula. I will attempt to go into the greatest detail I can here.I installed a Gene-Z. The SSD, which contained my old OS, is in the 6.0 GB number 1 slot on the motherboard. The HDD which contains no OS, is pl...

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After 2 MB rma's, every imaginal Memory Brand and Config, new HDD's and about 80+Hrs of my time It still will not install an OS .. I've Had Enough ! Thanks for getting back to me RAJA ... ? yeah thanks allot. I'm glad I have this 10 yr old Intel Lap ...