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Problem with intel NIC on Crosshair formula V

Hello, I tried to update drivers but it did not work. The text that appears "The Installed version of Intel PROSet is normally supported for upgrade. You must uninstall it before Installing this version."I have tried to uninstall the drivers in the c...

rogtor by Level 7
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BSOD 124 / Gene-Z / Voltage issue?

Hey,This is my first post so apologies if i dont have all the information here.I built a new rig a week ago but there is one problem i cannot seem to shake.every once in a while i get a BSOD 124. it usually happens after a certain time of gaming OR w...

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Is my crosshair V the problem?

(edit: User error caused this but may be good to read my first post here since I updated with edits at the bottom as an example of never taking for granted that you might have changed a setting in bios and forgot to set back )Hi guys (specs at bottom...

66racer by Level 7
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GTX570 not detected in BIOS or Windows 7

This is getting really ridiculous, this is my 2nd IV Gene MoBo. The first one just stopped working after a week so I sent it to RMA but didn't get a refund because 1 pin on the processor unit was slightly bent. Byebye 150 euro's. Later I heard more p...

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Gene-z not posting, LED give error 34

I've just setup a gene-z with a new 2500k and it is not posting. I get consistently error 34 in the LED and the BOOT_DEVICE_LED is red. I've put only 1 4G stick in the slot farthest from CPU, removed graphics card, and still error 34Upon close inspec...

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Questions about HDD and SSD connection and RAID

Hi guys, I am using a Maximus IV Extreme Z.I have bought 4 HDD ( Western Digital Caviar Black WD1002FAEX) for data storage and would like to connect them to use RAID 10 (RAID 1+0). I also bought a Crucial M4 128GB SSD for Windows 7.How should I conne...

Cant install windows 7 x64bit

I trying to install my system with windows 7 x64 but no luck it loads for drivers for sata when i give him the diskette and loads the driver it say there is no drivers. Funny thing windows 7 x86 i can install with no driver nedded and no problem at ...

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crossfire and sli question

So this board does x16 x16 dual or x16 x8 x8. why cant it do x16 x16 x8? also will a x1100t bottle neck with to hd6850s?

mudkip by Level 7
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