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need a little help with a Gene - Z problem

Hi I have a problem when trying to boot my Gene-z IV show a error code on the LED 04 PCH initialization before microcode loading. I tried searching around for a answer to what this mean but so far unsuccesfull. Anyone here knows what that error code ...

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well ... some time ago AMD released a processor with VGA Liano APU on it .. Asus as one of the biggest brand also has some products on these platforms ASUS F1A75 PRO-V

Hazzan by Level 7
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My ROG Bild Crosshair V

Well just to let you guys im a new Member but been a reading this forum for about 2 month im a ROG fan my First computer build was whit a Asus Maximus Formula SE that im very very satisfied whit i been pushing my system to the limit of air cool...

LordXL by Level 7
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AMD BD FX-8150 and Crosshair V Formula: My experience so far

I am sure most of you have read as many different reviews of the FX-8150 as I have and have as many questions now as you did before the release a couple of days ago.I just do not have the time to do an in-depth review but I did get the FX8150 setup ...

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Kipper by Level 10
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Will it fit?

I want to know if the Asus Maximus IV Extreme-Z will fit into the Corsair 600T. I know the Corsair Website says the case only supports up to ATX but has anyone tried it or installed one successfully yet? I'm thinking about buying this board.

jewie27 by Level 7
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SupremeFX X-fi digital output quality / features

I'd really appreciate it if anyone out there owning one of the ROG MBs with SupremeFX Xfi 2 onboard sound would share their experiences of how it performs on a digital out / HDMI. I'm planning to run my sound through a pretty good AV Reciever, so th...

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New BSOD Error

Hey guys,Some of you already know I'm running a new FX chip. Everything seemed to be going fine until this.I tried to load Portal 2 up and I get the following error during the Portal 2 loading screen:I'm not sure what that error means however I think...


Sound issue?

So I noticed after I hooked up my monitor with a hdmi cable today, that every now and then the sound would skip for a second when I'm in game or on youtube. I was using a VGA cable with a DVI adapter on it and never noticed a problem. But not now sin...

Graphics card issues with high ram clock.

Hey People,I have a Crosshair V with some Transcend aXeram 2000mhz (2x4gb) which runs perfectly at a high frequency on prime95 and other programs but as soon as I play a game or something graphics accelerated it crashes! Bluescreen with the ATI drive...

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Problem booting Bulldozer in Crosshair V Solution

Hey, I just spent and hour messing with the motherboard because I couldn't get it to boot with a bulldozer FX 8150 chip in it. Well it turns out it was because I was using an Indigo Xtreme as my thermal interface. Before the reflow happens it doesnt ...

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