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My Asus Gene Z isnt posting

I'vetried everything except for one thing that doesn't depend only on me, which is take my HW somewhere and test on/with another hardwareso here's the deal.I've just got:Asus Gene ZI7 2600kGeil GEC38GB1600C9DC 8GB ram at 1600mhzAsus GTX 560 TI Direct...

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Crosshair V + Corsair H100 PROBLEM!! >.<

Here is thr email I just sent Corsair.Hi, installed the H100 this pass Sunday and everything was working fine. I ran a few stress tests to see what temps I was getting with the new H100. CPU temp was at steady 38* while using Prime95 for 30mins. Comp...

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Possible fan header issue? Corsair H80

Hey all,I installed my Corsair Hydro H80. Temps are awesome on my 4.0Ghz overclocked 1100t. Couple of times now I get the CPU FAN_0 message from (I assume) the AISUITE. A check of HWmonitor, and a look in the case window confirm this and I shut down ...

First PCI-E X16 works 1/8 times.

I'm prett sure that the first PCI-E slot is damaged since it only allows me to boot up once about ever eight times. Using the other slots it works flawlessly, but I shouldnt have to ignore the fact that my MOBO CHF5 is broken. Any ideas before I have...

C5F SB950 Port 3 works and fails in RAID mode

Okay, I've done some testing on my mobo... get ready for a lot of information.I've got a Crosshair V Formula, and I have a 120gb SSD as well as 4x1TB Seagate drives (not WD, because they disable raid features on consumer drives- BAD WD! BAD!). I've a...

Ram OC

So i have The Crosshair V Formula MB and i got G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2133 (PC3 17000) Desktop Memory Model F3-17000CL11D-8GBXL. I was wanting to overclock it so i went into the bios and changed it and and it ...

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Maximus Extreme x38 Thermistors

Hi, I have a Maximus Extreme X38 motherboard in my PC, I have installed the thermistors to areas of the board I wish to monitors as well as connecting the other ends to the MB itself.The problem is, in the BIOS, the OPT 1 OPT2 and OPT3 temperature se...

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CPU Temps / Cores Temps question

Hey guys,So I've been monitoring my system for a bit since I got my new setup finally stable.However I have a few questions.For the CPU, what is more important? Total CPU temps or Core temps? I have an FX 8120.This is what it shows for me idle right ...