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Crosshair IV Formula Problems

OK chrsplmr here it is...1) Every time I loos power or have to unplug the system I have to hit the Go button just to boot and have to redo all of my Bios settings or I just get a red CPU and Memory LED's, also set at 1600 my memory is only clocking 1...

HDD slowing down PC

Hey guys, Not sure if this is the right place to ask for help in the forums or not but here it goes :SSince I bought my new Maximus Extreme IV, every time I'm using my HDD for copying files, installing software, etc. my PC runs slow, even moving the ...

Kuimera by Level 8
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The next big Rampage?

I have assumed that it would be an x79 REIV,But Now Ivy seems to be right around the corner.Really compared to the bench's I have seen so far...Nothing seems to even come close to leaving an i7-980/990x RE3 in the dust yet.At ROG prices I am hoping I...

How's my OC? Safe?

I'm at 5.0ghz on my i5 2500k @ 1.43v with LLC at 100% in the BIOS. I hooked a multimeter up to the probes and those voltage readings give me 1.44v.My main question is, is this safe? I can live with killing the chip in a year but I really really like ...

kskwerl by Level 7
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What's up with this software?

I get weird readings like this all the time. For instance like "Optfan3 RPM warning", I've set this to ignore in BIOS. Anyone else have these issues?

kskwerl by Level 7
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My Asus Gene Z isnt posting

I'vetried everything except for one thing that doesn't depend only on me, which is take my HW somewhere and test on/with another hardwareso here's the deal.I've just got:Asus Gene ZI7 2600kGeil GEC38GB1600C9DC 8GB ram at 1600mhzAsus GTX 560 TI Direct...

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Crosshair V + Corsair H100 PROBLEM!! >.<

Here is thr email I just sent Corsair.Hi, installed the H100 this pass Sunday and everything was working fine. I ran a few stress tests to see what temps I was getting with the new H100. CPU temp was at steady 38* while using Prime95 for 30mins. Comp...

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Possible fan header issue? Corsair H80

Hey all,I installed my Corsair Hydro H80. Temps are awesome on my 4.0Ghz overclocked 1100t. Couple of times now I get the CPU FAN_0 message from (I assume) the AISUITE. A check of HWmonitor, and a look in the case window confirm this and I shut down ...