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Maximus IV GENE new build: Ram timings

Hi all im a first time poster and new to the forums today looking for some advice and help from my fellow gamers.Ok so after many years of faithful service i am finally upgrading from my old ROG Striker Extreme II (yes i know its ancient). I have so ...

jansen by Level 7
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Gene-Z HDTV recording/playback and other strange things.

Hi All.I am experiencing some weird things with my brand new system build, which i have never had occur before.My System specs are:i7 2600k.Gene-z 0706 bios.Seasonic X-850 Gold p/supply.Asus AEH6970 2gb.G.Skill F3-17000CL9D-8GBXLD @ 1866mhz.Noctua NH...

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Phenom 965 @ 3923 Ghz, Core Temps over 55°C Question!?

Hello RoG,if overclocked my Phenom X2 965 C3 to 3923Ghz, my Core temps go over 55°C after 15 Minutes Prime95, i stopped the Benchmark at this moment. I tryed to finde some Infos about Core-Temps of other people but im still not sure about this, some ...

3874 3875
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I'm Back!

Hi folks, I have been out of loop for couple of weeks, went to overdrive at my work, and really missed ROGging and you guys. did I miss anything? how is FX chips perform?

Tall memory on CHV with NH-D14?

i'm now having a NH-D14 CPU cooler and i really want to have a high heat spreader RAM, with high profile to be installed in my system is it possible to do this? the motherboard i'm using now is crosshair V formula, thanks..

Christ by Level 7
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hi guysI need help for overclock settings.I purchased a kit of gskill trident 2133 9-9-9-24. I cant run them loading the xmp profile. I cant boot.No problem because I would like run them at 2000 and pushing nb to 3000 (no real gain with 2133mhz.. I'v...

Probem with crosshair v after update to latest bios.

Hi, I updated my bios to 0813 and my computer turns on.When the screen comes on it says I have to press f1 to go in to bios, when I do there's two boxs, one after the other, that say invalid input range, I press ok and then the bios freezes.I can't g...

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i guys, my bro give me is PC,Asus Rampage Black Edition (bourd) Intel 990x (cpu)Power: Corsair AX 1200Mem: Gskill 12 GB 1600HD: WesterDigital 1 TBGrafics Card: nvidia 6600 gt 128 MG :mad:i use to have a old P4im not PRO with pC´s , but i know this i...

Rampage III Black Edition & RAM

I am seeking (hopefully in the right place) answers about the Qualified Vendors List for the R3BE motherboard. I am wondering if it is at all feasible to seek out a Patriot G2 1333MHz 8GB DIMM for my motherboard, and if anybody else has tried this? A...

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Push me off the fence

I finally got in all my components and I am building out my new system. Case: Thermaltake Level 10 GT Rampage III BE i7 990xG.SKILL Ripjaws Series 24GB Ram2x XFX 6990’s2x Kingston HyperX 120GB SATA 3 6GB SSD’s2x 1TB WD Black drives from my old syste...

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