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CF V + Phenom X4 970T BE (Thuban) = Vcore issues

Hi,i urgently need a new BIOS that supports Phenom X4 970T BE (Thuban die, not Deneb). My chip boots at 1.164V and even if I set 1.8V under cascade it still doesn't go over 1.2V. I think there must be something wrong with the VID tables.My other X2 2...

tiborrr by Level 7
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Maximus iv not turning on

Alright, this board has been running fine since April and now I get no post. The lights are on the board and when i press the start button nothing happens... no fans, no hard drives..etc. etc.Is it the CPU or motherboard?thanks

Maximus IV Extreme-Z Bios 706 (Final, Non Beta)

BIOS 0706 released October 10, 2011http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/LGA1155/Maximus_IV_Extreme-Z/Maximus-IV-Extreme-Z-ASUS-0706.zipRelease Notes--------------------------------------------------------------------------------[ 0706 ]---------------...

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Setting up an SSD on a Gene Z

I set up my new system yesterday, and in all the excitement, I did not set the SATA to RAID, and of course, the Intel SRT did not work on the Corsair Force GT 120GB SSD. My first clue was when the accelerate button did not show up in the Intel SSD s...

red454 by Level 11
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CrossFire Question AGAIN

I have decided to go with the ASUS Crosshair V Formula Motherboard... My question is:Can I still use all seven SATA connectors on the motherboard if I am going to have 2 x VTX3D Radeon HD6870X2 2GB in CrossFire???I have been looking at the motherboar...

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Latest CHV crisis bios issue how serious is it.

Hi,I am running my CHV on 0506 bios. I got ready to upgrade to 0813 so I shut down the system and powered it back on.I got this message overclocking failed press f1 to continue. In this screen it shows that 8gb ram and all the disks and drives instal...

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Specific USB device problems.

Gene-ZI'll get right to the skinny: my CM Storm Sentinel Advanced mouse is not responding correctly - I'll elaborate In a moment.I've tested every USB port, excluding USB 3.0.Every other device works in every other port.Every other device works in ev...

fatee by Level 7
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Gene Z Chassis fan control

I just installed 3) Scythe SY1225SL12LM-P 4-pin PWM fans on the Gene Z board. They run at 1000 RPM all the time. Q-Fan is enabled in the BIOS, Using Asus Fan Xpert 1.01.01.unable to build a profile of the chassis fans in Fan Xpert, only the CPU fan. ...

Warning CPU PLL voltage 0.0000V

Dranm,PCH,VCCIO,PCH PLL, VCCSA, CPU PLL all shows 0v.I left my PC to go do some work while 3dmark was completing its benchmarks and I come back to that warning message and my computer running slow as heck. I had to hold the power button to power it d...

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