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problem with AMD FX 8120 8 Core on Crosshair V

ok guys i got both of these products and they run great the only problem i'm having is that my cpu is only running 6 cores and its pissing me off i've called asus and amd still no clear answer.Ok i was told i didnt have enough power for the last 2 co...

h01d3r by Level 7
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Soundcard, dedicated or onboard, difference ?

So i got my creative xfi titanium fatality soundcard replaced with a new one as the one i had before was faulty and just hissed at me all the time so ive been using the onboard xfi chip on the CHV mobo and to be honest, i cant tell the difference wha...

Noob, =P

Hey all, so i recently orderd my first non alienware computer and went with Cyberpowerpc. Anyway i have a few concerns. First off, after gaming in BF3 for 2 hours or more i get a Pci.1 warning but it wont allow me to click on it and i cant seem to fi...

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Asus maximus IV extreme Z + Gskill F312800CL6-4GBXH 1600MHZ

helloI have two kits of 2x2Gb of this memory,the motherboard isnt accepting the default clocks when 8GB of RAM is installed,only when I have 4GB installed, the motherboard accepts the defaults clocks(6-8-6-24).why is this happening?thankssorry my e...

eric010 by Level 7
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Gene-Z Missing X-Fi decal/sticker/chip?

Hello,I'm a recent owner of this board and wanted to know where the chip is located at, manual and various pictures show the bottom left corner to the left of the power button. There is no sizable chip in that area, just capacitors. Is there a decal ...

Aeropath by Level 7
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Crosshair Formula V - Memory Upgrade

Hi,I currently have 2xCMP4GX3M2C1600C7 installed and would like to upgrade to 1866mhz memory which has good timings, but i'm stuck to which memory would be the best to upgrade too.Advice would be really appreciated.SetupCrosshair Formula VAMD 1100TSa...

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Quick Inquiry About Voltages

Hi all,I have attached an image of Speedfan's readout of my voltages. I have been having troubles stabilizing my system, and right now it's pretty much stable, except a BSOD once a week or so. I'm wondering if maybe my voltages are wacky?http://i.img...

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