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Maximus VI Impact - Discussion Thread

Maximus VI Impact Overview Over the past few years, ASUS have led the way for innovation on small form-factor motherboards. It was only a matter of time before the ROG team would take on a mini-ITX project and take things to a new level.The ROG bran...

Raja by Level 13
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Ranger VII Lane Sharing

Hi guys, I have a Asus Maximus VII Ranger and I'm wanting to pop in a dedicated sound card.At the moment I'm using the 1st red PCIe x16 slot for my GPU and the last black smaller PCIe x1 slot for my wireless card.My question is will adding a sound ca...

Need help with my random reboot problem in my Gene VII

Hi, I have had this random reboot issue since I built my first PC last year. I reinstalled my Windows 10 but it still happens. It mostly happens when I'm gaming. But the temperature is fine (CPU 50-60c and GPU around 50c). It sometimes also happens e...

finix429 by Level 7
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Bootloop can't turn on

Hi my life savers please can you give me some help to this problem for a week i've had on my motherboard the A2 error , i've unplugged everything from the board it was still giving me this error. I've clear the bios did all kind of stuff which i migh...

koxlufa by Level 7
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Asus Z77 Sabertooth - DIMM slots A2 and B1 stopped working

Returned from work earlier this week and noticed my system was locked with red Mem OK light illuminated. I rebooted and got the overclocked failed so I default memory to 1333 and rebooted. I then rebooted again to check settings and upon entering the...

Slats by Level 7
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Maximus VII Formula just Won't Sleep

It's like it's a caffeine junky - I put the PC to sleep, and then give it three to four minutes, and it wakes up all on its own.Windows Event viewer shows the culprit as the power button (obviously I didn't press it). This happens even when I unplug ...

haywire bios and not being able to choose changes

I reloaded my 3003 bios, but it made no difference. I cant use the mouse as it zig zags all over and using the up and down keysdoes not allow me to choose selected items. How can I fix this ? Thanks for Your advice and help.

[Maximus vii formula/Watchdog] Startup,q-code 00, shuts down

Hey,I bought the maximus vi formula 2 weeks ago, It didn't boot up and displayed a continous Q-code 00.They told me to RMA the board, but, since the new motherboard had just came out I decided to get the new one, so I should not have to flash the bio...

Ram ddr4 configurations in Asus x99-pro BIOS. help

Hello guys I have some doubts regarding the values that should carry my memories in the bios, I communicate with G.Skill support and they gave me some values and I have managed to put some but there is one in particular that I can not find that is th...