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Can anyone help answer this

i dedicate my life around computers desktops,laptops,computer hardware you name it i was wondering how to become a product tester/reviewer for asus,saphire,amd or anything in that nature

h01d3r by Level 7
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UEFI problem

helloi have a CHV and all was great, updated the bios several times (using 9913) and all went great untill some days agonow when i enter the bios i can't use the mouse or the keyboard as the mouse goes up to the left corner and the keyboard scrolls t...

darkage by Level 11
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R4E Memory Timing @ 1600mhz

I am trying to get my memory to run at it's rated speed of 1600MHz, but it will always get overclocking failed when I put the DRAM timing to 1600mhz, even if I start to bump the voltage on them up to 1.65 (they are rated 1600mhz @ 1.5v). I am not ov...

Retired by Not applicable
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ock ing

Everytime I try my own hand in Bios, system crashes... when I let A I Suite try to handle it I come Up short... any suggestions???

mrnotu by Level 9
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GENE-Z - Some annoying problems..

Hi everyone,First, i would like to apologize about my bad english because i'm french.Well there're my problems : I bought this motherboard with a 2500k, an SSD (intel), 8go ram of G.SKILLS (2133Mhz) and two GTX 560 TI PNY.The first problem is that th...

Retired by Not applicable
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Program startup issue, possible Bulldozer issue?

Running a CHV and FX8150, nothing is OC'ed, all drivers are most recent release, bios is most recent listed on Asus website. Until today system has been stable as a rock.I do music production, finally got around to installing the programs on this sys...

Retired by Not applicable
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