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AI Suite dipawaymode.exe error

I pretty much upgrade my entire PC every year and the last 3 generations of the Asus Deluxe motherboards including the Z97 has the same old event log Application crash error "dipawaymode.exe" on every boot, which in turn gives you an error in the Win...

ASUS Strix X370-F Gaming QVL RAM modules problem

Hello there,Following an issue related to my CPU temperature not being displayed accordingly in both the BIOS and Windows 10 — now solved thanks to a BIOS update (Version 9001) which is not available yet from the ASUS website, check this thread for m...

8 pin 4 pin?

Strix B660-A What is the 4 pin power plug for? Book said plug 8 pin or connect 8 & 4 pin in. Its on the board it must power something could it be why i cant get system to boot with more than one RAM module?

b5150 by Level 7
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Asus Rampage V Extreme problem

hello.i need help, yesterday i start my pc and after 10 second its shutdown its self.i open the case and look on q-code its running and stop on error 33 and get after 00 and shutdown the pc.i try restore the bios remove the cmos battery but its not h...

Help Multiple ACPI Errors

Hi all i am having some issues with the ACPI driver for my new Maximus Hero Vii Board Event viewer is reporting several issues as followsACPI Event ID 13: The embedded controller (EC) did not respond within the specified timeout period. This may indi...

Sparax by Level 9
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Q-Code AE stuck

I went to wake up my PC MAXIMUS VII RANGER. It looked like it was trying to wake up, you know when the screen is black but you can see the back light a little bit. Rebooted, and there was a cursor in upper left blinking. Rebooted into bios/uefi, and ...

Motherboard USB 3 ports freezing

Hi.I have a STRIX B560-A Gaming mobo and when I connect two external HDDs to USB 3 ports and I copy a file from one to another, after a few seconds to a minute, the copy fails and the drives become unresponsive and I have to restart the PC. This happ...

Davud by Level 7
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MAXIMUS VII Ranger Stuck in Restart Loop

Yes my system is old, but it hasn't been any trouble at all until last week.Last time I used it, Windows wanted to do an update, so as I have countless times I chose "Update and shutdown" and left it to get on.When I came to restart the next day - st...

Kyudos by Level 7
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