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VRM Switching Frequency & Power Phase for overclocking

My Prime Z270-K motherboard supports VRM switching frequency up to 500 Hz. Would like to know what is the recommended maximum? Is there any risk setting it to maximum (overheating / short lifespan)?What are the recommended Power Phase and Power Duty ...

Asus Maximus VIII Hero help needed

I just installed a EK Water Blocks EK-XLC Predator 240 1.1 in my Maximus VIII Hero w/3401 UEFI pc yesterday.My water-block and it's fans are working fine, as I left my Phantom 820 cases top panel off to see if the fans were spinning. They were and ar...

2133mhz Ram unstablle

Just installed a 16gb ram 2133mhz today and set the timing to 10 12 12 31 now my pc always crashed. do i need to more than setting up the timming?

Problem with asus front bases and maximus vii hero firmware

Hello everyone, I have problems with the firmware upgrade on asus Front bases, it is not detected by my motherboard asus maximus vii hero, I followed this tutorial http://rog.asus.com/317732014/maximus-motherboards/front-base-upgrade-guide-for-maximu...

folkzz by Level 7
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Strange M7F A2/SSD operation

I have a M7F, i7-4790K, 64GB, system that I'm booting from a PCIe Intel 750 AIO.I also have two Samsung 250GB 750 SATA SSDs that I use for programs and data, as well as a Samsung 500GB 840 SATA SSD that I use for Acronis System Images.The system has...

wa3pnt by Level 7
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Maximus support for FDE - full disk encryption in SSD drives.

Hello,I recently tried to enable self encryption on my Samsung SSDs - a technology widely available nowadays on many brands SSDs. And, amazingly, it does look like Asus decided not to support it - while even Asrock does. How come?For those who dont k...

Integer by Level 7
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ASUS H270F ROG STRIX CPU LED Sometimes light up when gaming

Dear all, Recently i have built a PC for gaming. Everything runs great and i am getting good performance from my machine. But Sometimes i notice my H270F motherboard's CPU LED lights up and goes away for just a few seconds. It is not a usual occurren...

8TB Hard drive on a VII Formula

Looking at buying a formula VII and im also looking at 2 8TB hard drives, 8TB Seagate Archive HDD SN Z8408NKP ST 8000AS002 PN 1NA17Z-568 FW AR15 DOM 08/2015(that's how described on site) looked on the site but cant see anywhere that may suggest yes ...

Maximus V Gene Q-Code 40

I just installed this board less than 5 days ago. Everything is running fine that I can see.My bios version is 0903I just so happen to see the Q code LED has the number 40 on it. I looked it up in the manual but it is a bit confusing. I don't have an...

Y_S_C by Level 7
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Maximus iv Gene-Z 2nd generation boot problems

Good day.I am experiencing 2 problems regarding my motherboard in terms of booting up.1. Whenever I turn it own, all the led lights up, fans spin but no boot in the display. Motherboard debug code shows '00'.2. Same problem with number 1, but briefly...

Godscar by Level 7
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