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R4E Slow memory. Suggestions please.

Sandra 2012.01.18.24 is benching at lower than expected. I have a quad channel G.Skill kit (4x4GB) running @ 2448Mhz 10-11-11-24 1T @ 1.72VSandra benches at 19.3ns latency, which I'm happy with, but only 24.52GB/s bandwidth. CPUZ confirms quad chan...

jp7189 by Level 7
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Some power advice with my setup

Hi everyone, I will be picking up my Rampage iv extream later today and this is what i plan to use with it. * 3930k* PSU : Thermaltake Tough Power 750w* 32gb G Skills Rip Jaw Z (1600)* Asus GTX 570 DC II* OCZ Vertex 3 60gb* Corsair H100 cooler (push ...

intro32 by Level 8
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Crosshair V O.C Profile Question

Hi,last time i created a O.C Profile it was gone after bios update. Is that normal or is there another way to save the current settings and apply them to a new bios version. This is crucial, since it took me ages to find the right OC Settings.Thanks!...

Maximus Gene-Z SB X-Fi MB2 Bass Management Option missing

Hello Everybody,I just build a new computer with the gene-z and everything is running very well except one thing.I have a Teufel 5.1 surround system and on my old board i had it hooked up to an xfi-card all was good.Since the Teufel 5.1 has a huge su...

Mane by Level 7
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New Rampage IV Extreme - Good and Bad

Well, I finally got my Rampage IV Extreme in this saturday and set up my system with the following components (couldn't find a spot in my preferences to add them :() :CPU: 3930K w/ Corsair H60 CoolingMemory: 16GB G-Skill Ripjaw Series PC1600 Motherbo...

abb1 by Level 8
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Crosshair Formula IV and triple AMD 6950 2GB cards

Hi All,going to be setting up a tri 6950 2GB setup on my Crosshair IV board. In order for me to get two 6950 2GB cards working in Crossfire I needed to connect a bridge on each Crossfire port ontop of the card (otherwise it wouldn't engage). When I...

What the.... CVF with faulty BIOS chips ?

I found a guy on the net that said he contacted ASUS, I was wondering if this was true or not, I got my CVF late december I hope im not affected by this."I have contacted ASUS pertaining to the CPU/NB LLC problem and it turns out that it is not the b...


Can someone please tell me is an ASUS Crosshair V Formula Motherboard and handle two of the following graphics cards:VTX3D Radeon HD6870X2 2GBI would have liked to go with 2 x ASUS 6990 but, they are very hard to get in Australia. My local computer s...

Retired by Not applicable
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