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Maximus IV Extreme-Z Sound Problem

When I plug my front speakers into the rear panel, only the left speaker works. If I plug them into the front panel, the right speaker works. I have updated the BIOS to the latest version. I have installed the latest drivers from the web site. I ...

Maximus IV GENE-Z/GEN3 Hangs/Lockups?

I'm having a simular issue as this user did in this thread http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?10080-Maximus-IV-Gene-Z-Lockups. After loading into Windows soon as I open something/not always the first thing I open. Windows becomes unresponsive, ...

Huga by Level 7
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Not fully powering down?

Not sure if there's a setting I need to adjust, but it seems after I shut the system down my keyboard flickers seems the USB components may be partially powered. Anyway to turn this off, or is it a known issue?Crosshair V

Best use of RAM Disk and Ram Cache?

I've currently got 32GB of RAM in my system, plus twin 240GB Sata 6 SSDs in RAID 0 configuration, and would like advice on how best to use these.Although I play games, browse the net etc on it, the main purpose of the PC is to run PHP scrips that wor...

Paul123 by Level 7
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On board Sound VS SoundBlaster X-FI Titanium Fatal1ty

First I really like the on board sound this M/B has. I have no troubles with it at all. updated from Asus site to the newer version, and it made it even better. I mostly listen to music and some games, heavy movie watching bluray. I can get a really ...

Asus Rampage IV PCIe Lane Switch lights on

Hi all,the PCIe lane switch light for the slot that my graphics card is plugged into is always on. I only have the one card pluggedinto the slots; an Asus Geforce 580. Intermittently the graphics driver crashes, even on something not grpahics intensi...

New Intel chipset software v9.3.0.1019 (AHCI is fixed)

The original thread has been edited, i didn't want to create a new one, any mod out there please edit the title!There is a new release of Intel Software Installation Utility v9.3.0.1019, where they have fixed the problem, when all disks were showing ...

a827151 by Level 7
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R4E EZ Plug - Im confused - again

So i was staring at the 6pin and 4pin Ez plugs earlyer today. Have 2 questions.1. how do i connect my Corsair AX1200 proffesional psu to the 4-pin EZ connector for memory. The 4 pin Ez Plug doesnt look to fit my PSU's cables. I could be wrong..2. x2 ...

RE III Bedition new Bios ?

Hello,when a new bios out with the temperature of the nb and sb?we are in middle June and still a BIOS of march is the only available ! RE3 northbrige temperature and southbridge present in the monitoringRE Black Edition no temperature NB and SB know...

Retired by Not applicable
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What the hell?? o_O

Recently I tried to register my motherboard on your site, everything seemed to go through just fine however my RIVE is coming up as a Rampage III Extreme2010 board!!!! :mad: Shouldn't it be Rampage IV Extreme 2011???