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Not going for the record, I need a basic how-to

I've got the easy upgrade set to 4.2. What I want to do is have my idle speed at 3.0 ghz and have it turbo to the 4.2 (or possibly 4.5). Not real happy that I have this kick ass proc and it only revs up under a major load. My old Athlon 64 runs al...

ke989 by Level 7
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gene-z and windows 8 preview

has anyone gotten this to work? I'm running 902 bios, and have disabled everything I could and even put my drives on the grey sata 3 connectors. It refuses to install, after the first reboot while detecting hardware it freezes.I tried to inject RST...

kizh by Level 7
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Crosshair V - RAM Bios Guide - Some timings explication

Hello everybody!Because of the nearly unlimited possibilities in RAM timings and settings, i think it is time for some explication:(Thanks to Tweakers.fr for their good work!)So, here they are:-Cas# Latency (tCL).Number of clocks that elapses between...

Rampage IV Extreme Debug Codes 67 when update bios 1101 ?

Hello Friends, I just update bios to 1101 Bios, reboot the computer when the Debug Codes reported 67 (CPU DXE initialization is started). and shutdown. I rebooted the computer is the same. display is dark. please help me. (sorry for my english not ve...

nelly83 by Level 7
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Am I being a idiot

Hi guys,Currently building a x79 rampage 4 formula, 3930k 16gb ram,Bios is showing 8GB only? I don't want to reseat the memory as I don't have any thermal paste alcohol removal... and I have the Phantek which is to big to pull the memory out while se...

m3tz by Level 7
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GPU TweakIt not launching

I am unable to get GPU TweakIt to launch from a remote connect computer. I have installed ASUS ROG Connect Plus V1.00.14 to my RIVE PC and the ASUS ROG Connect V1.06.03 on my laptop. My PC is running Windows 7 Ultimate while my laptop has Windows 7 H...

UserX by Level 9
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RIVE - Install Windows 7 from a thumb drive on a RAID0

How to Install Windows 7 on a RIVE from a thumb drive on two SSD’s in a RAID0 arrayWhat I assume•You have a common knowledge of Windows and it's file system•The ability to obtain an ISO image of Windows 7•You are installing the X64 flavor of Windows ...

UserX by Level 9
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R4E: Tired of cold boot failures

I'm just sick of the system constantly not being able to power up after being off for a few hours. The config consists of an R4E, i7 3960X, 32GB RAM DDR3-1600 (same thing with 16GB only), 2x GTX 580, Silverstone ST1500 PSU, blah blah blah... Almost e...

Fake Boot Rampage IV Extreme

Hello Friends, I wanted to point out that the motherboard has a problem of fake boot, when you turn off the system completely and turn on again. Please resolve in the next BIOS. thanksBIOS 1101

Red_Jhon by Level 10
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Thermal cables?

Was not included when i purchased my rampage/formula x79Had to steel some from my other mainboard..why?, I mean, a few cable's, whats the deal..:cool::cool::cool:

Retired by Not applicable
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