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Moderators or any one please explain?

can someone explain this on my motherboard i am using the software that monitor voltage called RCtweakIT (monitors voltage/temps from another pc) i put my cpu voltage at 1.45v but i notice that it never reaches 1.45v while running primeit say i have ...

XFX Radeon 6850 black box vid

Just curious if any one has used a black box edition on the max 4 gene z gen 3 board?looking at the card,, its hudge,, big rectangular box,,, hope it fits, will use noctua d14 cooler, any input? would be greatly appreceiated I7 2700 K16 GIGS LOW...

prizmm by Level 7
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Crosshair V formula booting problem

hii've recently bought a crosshair v formula motherboard along with the CPU , VGA .and i borrowed my brother's PSU and RAMbut i found a problem when booting :the DRAM_led is on (turned red) and it won't postfinnally i found that the RAM was not on th...

pch fan wont turn

I'm very confused about this fan.Before upgrading bios ( prior 1100 release) it work fine.Now it wont turn.I've selected all pch fan modes but nothing.( my double cpu fans Noctua nd14 lga 2011 cooler) stop turning after bios upgrade ( the only way to...

walter by Level 7
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Intel Network Drivers causing BSOD's on Crosshair V?

Hello!I recently wiped my system clean since I was experiencing a little performance loss in some places.I updated my bios to the most recent version.Before I clean-installed, I had a decently well-working system. I had eliminated most of my BSOD's f...

ikios by Level 7
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Bios Question

Hello, I just received my Maximus IV Extreme-Z board and im sorry if this sounds like a newbie question (in which this is my first time building a computer) but i was looking at the bios updates and i was wondering, do you have to update the bios...

New ROG connect

I noticed that the updated ROG connect displays CPU current now. Nice!Does anybody know how accurate that is, i.e. if CPU V*A is a reasonable value for the CPU power consumption?

MAximus Extreme IV-Z Problems with "double booting"

Hello @ all!Since I have the Maximus Extreme IV-Z Mainboard, I have problems that my PC is often booting twice.On the first boot, the fans are running and after few seconds, the pc is shut down. On the second boot I get my Windows desktop without pro...

whiggy by Level 7
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