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Booting problems Maximus IV Extreme-Z HELP!

Hello,I'm new here and I register because I'm going crazy with my PC.I was using normally 3 days ago. So I started yesterday and the SSD wasn't booting and wasn't showing on the BIOS. Then I updated the BIOS to version 1004. After that, the PC starte...

Maximus IV Extreme-z PCIe & OCZ Revodrive.

Hellohere's my problem,BIOS:1004i installed 2 (two) gtx570, like the book said, first card in PCIE_X16_/8_1 and the second card in PCIE_X8_3, this works, also i installed the revodrive in the last PCIE called PCIEx4_1 thinking it would be 4x,, but it...

sy5tem by Level 7
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Yet another crosshair v not powering on

Hi guys, I hope i can get some useful information here.My new pc does not power on, except for the odd random time. I got to the point where I removed my board and plugged only the tax and 24 pin connector and nothing out happen.After a while it powe...

HD 7970 3D Mark 11 Score Normal Or Not?

Just run a few runs and just wanted to see if my cards scaling right 3D Marks website saying my cards slower than it should be ?Overclocked to max Catalyst Control Center settings http://3dmark.com/3dm11/2653354Stockhttp://3dmark.com/3dm11/2653176

IOMAP64.sys Blue Screen (BSOD)

I'm getting Windows 7 Blue Screens of Death because of the IOMAP64.sysI haven't overclocked anything yet.My hardware:http://secure.newegg.com/WishList/PublicWishDetail.aspx?WishListNumber=15826811

RIVE 3930K BSOD 101 Q reset weirdness after 3 wks

I was working on my computer and suddenly it just BSOD 101. The wierd part was it has been rock solid on these settings for 3 wks, just did this out of the blue. I had the computer asleep S3, woke it, it sat idle a few mins, did some things W/Win7 Ex...

Blank Asus RIVE 1101 BIOS Template

BIOS 1101 SETTINGS Extreme Tweaker Menu:Ai Overclock Tuner: CPU Level Up: Bclk freq: CPU Strap: ClockGen Full Reset: Turbo Ratio: By all cores : CPU Clock Gen Filter: Memory Freq: Extreme Tweaking: EPU Power Saving Mode: Extreme OV: Bclk Skew: CPU V...

32Gb of RAM in a Crosshair V Formula Thunderbolt

I'm looking to build a new system to use as a VMWare home lab/gaming box - Bulldozer seems the way to go for this, and I'd like to max out the RAM for obvious reasons.I checked the QVL however and cannot for the life of me find ANY modules that are c...

splash by Level 7
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PCIe 3.0 Support for ROG board in ATX/e-ATX form factor

I am doing a build around the new ATI 7970 card and 2600K 1155 socket. I would like the board to support PCIe 3.0, and am looking at Z68 boards.Right now I am torn between the ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z/GEN3 which is a micro-ATX board that does have PCI...

Mattyo by Level 7
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