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ASUS Rampage IV Extreme burned 8 pin off the board.

Ok here is what happened. Computer was running fine and I was about to do a reboot and go in to bios. I enter the bios and set load line on the cpu to high and set every thing for 4.8GHz. 1.4v for the cpu and every thing other than that at auto. H...

mcj66106 by Level 7
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RC Maximus IV Gene-Z on Android device

Hello!I'm new to this forum, this is my first post. I'm the owner o an Asus Maximus IV GENE-Z. The board is great, I wanted a micro-ATX board that would also be a good oveclocker and I'm very happy with the decison I've made. I think this the best mi...

Crosshair V Formula + Asus Suite II

has anyone figured out how to install this software yet without having to reinstall the whole OS ?stupid model not supported error ....i know i have tried looking up fixes and patched for this issue but it seems like no one has found a fix for it yet...

Damas by Level 7
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Great doubts about ASUS Crosshair V Formula + AMD FX-8150

Hello.I have read in many forums and blogs that have the great reviews on the ASUS Crosshair Formula V with AMD FX with respect to support very poor and very poor performance ... and to summarize my main question, I wonder if today there is a solutio...

djserz by Level 7
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some info for all if your interested.

i have had 5 R4E installed my 5th today with no issues thus far.now i know that dont sound like much infor but this might.board 1 start bios 0603, issue pcie lane faultboard 2 start bios 0603, issue bios fault wouldnt saveboard 3 start bios 0603, iss...

Spoony by Level 8
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Quick Question... on ssd caching

i got this 64gb ssd not knowing windows would eat half of it then i got xbmc installed that took 7gbi just wanna know if i can format and setup ssd caching on my Crosshair V.i see no setting for it in ai suite II.or any other ideas would help.