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Maximus IV Extreme Connector

Greetings Folks,Any one know the the 2 connectors are for on the right side of the USB port on the mobo ?I have read the manual and cant see any thing listed for them.Just seems a bit strange to have them there if not used for any thing.

Rampage IV Extreme chipset fan question.

Hi all,I am planning to buy R4E but my concern is the loudness of the chipset fan. It sound like a vacuum cleaner and its louder than my double GTX 580 under load (Thanks to Tom from Overclock 3d to present a recording of the PCH fan sound) which ma...

izajasz by Level 10
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Relationship between CPU voltage and degradation

What is the generally accepted CPU voltage (when overclocking) that will not have an effect on premature CPU degradation? I have seen people all over the map with voltages, and read some horror stories about cranking up the voltage, getting a high o...

red454 by Level 11
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0d error code upon overclocking Maximus IV gene-z/gen3

Hi fellow ROGers!I started OC to 5ghz, just following the guide here.. when I restated it with my settings, the error code was 0d and the the boot device led was lit. please help guys! Specsi7-2700kMaximus IV gene-z/gen3G.skill ripjawz Xxfx 7970 doub...

Problem booting after resetting system

Hi, I just built a new rig and am experiencing a strange problem. Whenever I go to reboot my computer, it just completely shuts off without turning back on. When I press power to manually turn it back on, it powers on for a couple seconds (the fans a...

shodty by Level 7
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ROG gurus Help

Hi allI started a thread in the General board but I think it should have been in here.Looking for a bit of feed back on a build and RAID issue , here is the threadhttp://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?11506-any-adviceany help would really be welco...

javvis by Level 7
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Maximus IV Gene-Z/Gen3 not showing on board graphics.

Hello,I am working on my first build and having the following issue.On the first boot there is no video signal showing for the on board HDMI. I have tried with both computer monitor and TV, but no signal.I have no additional graphics card, so I am ba...

RAID Help after RMA - Maximus III Formula

I recently RMA'd my board and got the replacement installed. Upon initial boot up, I was prompted to setup the BIOS and largely left it at defaults, except to tell it I had a RAID on the main SATA connectors. Then I missed the Prompt to set up the ...

T_REX by Level 7
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VCCSA LLC at extreme

I have the setting set to Auto in the bios and it set it to extreme. Should I manually set it to something else?