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Asus Optional Thermal Sensor.

Hi, I bought the pack of 3 of these thermal sensors.Now where to put them exactly?Are they thin enough to be placed BETWEEN a chip and its heatsink? eg NB chipset(990fx), SB and VRM?Or they will be crushed by the pressure of the heatsink?They seem VE...

Erick by Level 7
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RIVE Bios 1202

I recently tried flashing my BIOS to 1202 and every time it goes to boot it tells me my overclock failed and press f1 to enter setup. I thought this was strange due to the fact that I had not overclocked and everything was set to default in the BIOS...

Ye ole Display Driver Problem -- please help

Hi everyone...first time post on this forum and I hope that this is the correct place to post this...unfortunately I have a problem wherein my system continuously drops (crashes) and recovers its display driver...I have read that many people have had...

New Build Initial Finds and Questions

So I just completed the build I have below in my signature. I have struggled a bit with overclocking though. I loaded the gamer profile and temps are very good. Initially I struggled with a few issues. First if I set my ram mode to mode 2 the bios wi...

cryptz by Level 7
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Asus Crosshair V cpu LED question

ok so I just upgraded from a crosshar formula II AM2+ Nvidia 780a chipset to the new crosshair formula V with the AMD 990FX chipset and installed my CPU and set the bios to defalt setting. My CPU is an AMD Phenom II X6 1055T running at 2.8 GHz with a...

RMA Issue ( UK )

Recently I had an issue with my 15 month old Rampage Extreme III Mobo............you know the one, that lovely smell of something melting inside your PC case.I returned to Mobo to the supplier here in the UK where I buy most of my components and they...

Hyper by Level 8
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CHV Temp sensors

The CHV has motheboard hook ups for aditional temp sensors, the asus store was out of stock, anyone know wher i can get em

Crossfire distortion

Need help , I installed a Crosshair v now my system won't run crossfire , about 15 min. into game screen gets all distorted .When I minimize it it goes away ,go back into game does it again , doesn't do it when crossfire disabled only when enabled an...

Slow boot time (not windows) but bios!

Why does it take so long to boot the Rampage IV Extreme??!?!?! Are all X79 boards this slow to boot?This came to my attention when a buddy of mine brought his EVGA Z68 FTW system over...He wanted to see which system booted up fastest...Mine took a g...

Crosshair V Formula chipset drivers won't install.

So I just got Windows 7 installed in my new system, which went fine, except now I can't get my chipset drivers installed. I put in the DVD that came with the motherboard, wait for the autorun menu to appear, click on install chipset drivers, and an i...