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New mobo Issue

I have a system with a Maximus VII Hero mobo, the other day it died on me, I purchased a new one, same exact board and when i connected everything here is what it does:Boots only to bios setuponly detects one of my HDD (I have 3 2TB drives)Shows a Q ...

bslevin by Level 7
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Asus Rampage IV Extreme - no debug code

Hi everyone.I'am having some trouble with a rampage IV Extreme.My mb is a Rampage IV Formula actually, but a friend of mine gave me a Rampage IV Extreme to test (so it's not a new one)Hardware is: -Core I7 3820- DDR3 Gskill 4 x 2Gb F3-17000CL9Q-8GBZ...

Hero Alpha PCIE X1_1 & X1_3 Slots not working

I have two different PCIE USB 3.0 cards (one Inateck Fresco and the other , and neither of them will work in the top X1_1 or the X1_3 slot.PCIE slot X8_1 is populated with a functioning 1080Ti, which blocks X1_2 from being used at all.The inateck PCI...

Asus Z170 Pro Gaming HDMI port issue

Hi, firstly sorry for my english. I write here cuz this board can be my last chance to not taking to pieces my custom pc and sending mobo to asus on warranty.Like in topic im using Asus z170pro gaming mobo with integrated GPU from skylake. Build is a...

medyq by Level 7
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X99 deluxe pci-e and nvme

Hi, I have an x99 Deluxe and a 5930k. Currently with two Titan xp's in SLI. I would like to add an nvme drive like a 960 Evo. Both gpus run in 16x/16x. If I plug the nvme into the m.2 slot will it kick the gpus into 8x/8x?Thanks

kahless by Level 7
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Asus Strix x370-f gaming QVL memory

hello, so I have this board new with ryzen 1700 and the 2x8gb f4-3200c14d-16gtzkw that is in QVL rated 3200mhz. Well it can't.I tested with fresh Windows 10 install, latest bios, 1.35v manual and 3200mhz and even with 3.0ghz cpu speed it's not stable...

ASUS P8P67 Series Overclocking Guide and Information

We at ASUS would like to first and foremost thank all the users who have once again trusted in ASUS and purchased one of our P8P67 Series of motherboards. We have worked quite hard to ensure a quality range of boards with a quality bios are ready ...

Retired by Not applicable
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Asus Maximus VI Rampage Wake on Lan Not properly working

Hello up first sorry for my Bad englisch i need help to figure Something out i have a : Asus Maximus VI Rampage i have the function in APM Power over PCI-E and it is enables to i have enabled Magic Packet fast boot disables because of Win 10 64bit Pr...