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Problem with sleep rampage extreme iv

Hello,I am having a problem with long term sleep on my computer. When i put the computer to sleep and wake it up in a few minutes it works fine but if i leave it in sleep over night it freezes when woken up. I have checked the following:1. Memory tes...

nazarma by Level 7
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Maximus IV GeneZ/Gen3+Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600Mhz

Hi there guys,Here is the problem: I bought a corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9R memory kit and since then my system has been rebooting at will, every +/- 30 mins. I ran memtest (usb version) and did 3 passes with each dimm and no errors. I ran prime95 and it...

ASUS suite II EPU function and code 30

So i have installed the asus suite 2 with all the various tools like epu to save energy. I hope you actually know what epu is.Anyway i set the function not to turn off the hard disks ever but yet for some odd reason when i leave the pc idel for like ...

R4E X79 won't start anymore DEBUG CODE 01

Hi guys,I have the following problem after installing all components i was starting up my computer and allworked fine, so i installed all the software from the motherboard reboot the computer and after thati wanted to update the BIOS.So said and done...

need help with bios?

Hi i just set up my new build with the asus maximus iv Gene-z/Gen3 Mobo when i installed my Os to the Hard drive this shows up in my bios in the boot order Windows boot manager i wanted to know if that how it should be or should i reinstall the os di...

Led flashing when trying to update bois ?

I have a ASUS Crosshair V Formula board and i have a amd fx 8120 chip every time i load up the computer the computer turns on but nothing on the screen and the cpu led lights up and stays on i made a thread here on this forum about it which can be f...

shadow by Level 7
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Crosshair II Formula

Just wanted to put this out there guys I have been messing with this board for a while to see if it is a good gaming board for my son and i have to say so far for how old this board is and the support for the X6 CPU with the SLI hybrid its realy not ...

RIVE Only show 12gb of 16gb ram.

Hello,Still have some problems whit my RIVE. Problem: Bios & Windows says 12gb of ram. But i can see in bios that i have 16gb installed and cpu-z reports 16gb installed ram.I have tried different brands gskill 1600mhz and mushkin 2133mhz. I have th...

Hymer by Level 7
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R4E pch fan doesn't turn

Hi, someone have a solution ?On my R4E ( sli mode) pcm Fan doesn't turn.I've tried to set all options also disable pwm fan controll but nothing.pch temp is 43°C.Walter

walter by Level 7
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