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ROG Connect and RC Bluetooth guide

Greetings folks,I seen at the end of the guide there is folks still not able to use RC,http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?812-ROG-Connect-and-RC-Bluetooth-guide&country=&status=Today i had the same issue and got it working ok by just pairing th...

RC Bluetooth

Greetings folks,In need of a bit more help here,Trying to use RC Bluetooth and i am using this RC Bluetooth guide and most of it works ok until the part where i open up the app on my Andriod and look as devices this only shows "STEVEN-DESKTOP" not "R...

Crosshair V Formula Problem 1301 Bios

Yesterday I update yhe Bios to the last version 1301, restart the PC, setur again the Bios and reboot for use windows.Everithing was normal but the VGA card show PCI-e running at 4X instead of 16X.I have a 6970 Crossfire, this problem is only in the ...

cjrb007 by Level 7
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Crosshair V Formula BIOS Freeze

Hello;So I just purchased a new Crosshair V + the new AMD-8150. The system goes through the post, and then throws a CPU Fan Error, and then tells me that I need to run the BIOS setup and press F1. So I do that. As soon as the BIOS appears, it lock...

3rd GPU not recognized on cold start

Hello to everyone on this forum.I have a strange issue involving my rig (see sig) on cold startup.On cold boot, display is not shown in surround (ie 3 monitors).After login, Lucid Virtu crashes, NV Control panel crashes and only two GTX480s (VGA in P...

hunuok by Level 7
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asus rampage iv gpu fan header location?

i just got this mother couple days ago im still waiting for my cpu to be shipped before i start my build. i was reading through the manual and looking at the board and is there a specific place to hook up your gpu fan? i have a cooler master haf x ca...