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LLC on Strix x370-f

Anyone have any experience on how LLC settings are handled on the Strix x370 boards (or any of the Asus x370 boards really)? I've found I have pretty significant vdroop (up to 0.060mv) with Auto LLC. Pushing that to Level 2 helped, but still could ge...

Advise on ROG used MOBO

Hello!Need your advise!I was given a system comprised of Asus Z87 Maximus VI HeroCorsair 16GB DDR-3 1600mhz c10 Vengenace ProIntel Core i7 4790kCorsair H60Samsung 850 EVO 250GBPNY GTX 780 (will be replaced by my current GTX 1060)Coolmax ZU-1000B 1KW ...

selarom by Level 7
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Strix x370-f Temps with 1700x

Hey Guys,Just installed the new 0813 bios and seem to be getting a massive increase in temps being reported - used to be ~40c under load and now reporting 60c.I have a full custom loop in the system and the graphics card (1080 ti), which is after the...

Asus x299 Deluxe Download problem

Hi.when windos reboots, a message appears (on an attachment)a couple of seconds, and going on to download winwhat does it mean?what does it update?this is good? not trabl? )bios 0702PS/ if you go into the BIOS and exit, then there is no message. onl...

Otets by Level 7
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R4BE drive question

Hi,I've a little problem about disk order for this board.The problem is i've connect in two hard disk in the port ASMedia (SATA6G_E12) and windows detect that as disk0/1 instead of the main port Intel® chipset (SATA6G_12) disk2.How i can do detect In...

SnAFKe by Level 7
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Z170 pro gaming/aura

I know this forum is usually for ROG Motherboards, but I am out of options here.Yesterday I received this motherboard to replace my Maximus Viii Hero that I suspected had failed, it was throwing a 00 code.With this new motherboard installed, I am una...

B350 Bricked

Hi guys, Tried to update the BIOS in EZ Update and it frozen after the bar went to 20%. Waited long enough restarted, but it won't start at all. Does this mean it's been bricked now? Any way to fix it rather than send to ASUS? Thanks in advance. It s...

jeffcao by Level 7
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