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"bug" in Cross V Formula profile

Hi guys, in BIOS is this strange issue. If I use DOCP profile for 2400 MHz RAM, its not problem with stability test, all seems perfect. But If I tried memory benchmark test AIDA, performance is not corresponding this RAM speeds. AIDA copy 2400 DOCP i...

FlanK3r by Level 13
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Frightening sound

Hello out there. It's been quite a while since I've done a custom build- last time was a P4 machine back in the early 2000's. Then bought an extreme gaming laptop a few years back and been using that until now. I like going extreme, costs more up fro...

jrwire by Level 7
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Asus Rampage IV Extreme, 32 GB only recognized as 24GB

Hey all,So I have an Asus Rampage IV Extreme motherboard, 3930K, Corsair H100 cooler. I bought 8 x 4GB (32GB) 2133 Corsair Dominator GT ram. When I put it in it only recognized 24 GB in the BIOS and OS. Playing around with removing dimms and swapping...

tomazos by Level 7
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help with flashing 8150

hello hi i have a crosshair v and a bulldozer 8150 how can i tell if my bios is updated or do i have to flash it and if so can i flash without another cpu thanks

infiniband controller problem

i have the asus rampage iv extreme, i7-3930k, dual xfx 6870's, the infiniband card is a Mellanox MHEA28-XTCwhen i run both of my 6870's i cannot use my 10gbit infiniband controller. iv figured out that it only happens when running two video cards. th...

CHV compatibility with Mini Displayport

CPU: Phenom 1050PSU: PCP&C 1000WMB: Asus Crosshair VRAM 4x2GB HynixGPU: Radeon 6970 or 6870Monitor: 27inch Apple iMacCHV Bios: 1301OS: Windows 7 Pro 64History: All components were used in another system except the board. I recently just purchased the...

R4E bios corrupt>?

I just updated my bios to 1202 and this is how my bios screen now looks like my specs are i7 3960XR4E699024gb corsair ram1200w 800d case


Crosshair V and Corsair Dominator GT

I just watched a video with JJ showing how to overclock a crosshair v MB with an asus 560 VGA and 8gb of Corsair Dominator GT ram. Im looking at getting the same board and have the same card almost but mines a 570 (3 slot) VGA card but wanting to get...