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Problem in ASUS P8Z68-V PRO

Hey guys, i'm having some problems with my ASUS P8Z68-V PRO. I was benchmarks normally on it when the VGA stopped working. I restarted the PC and something wrong happened, I can't make any overclocking neither on the memory nor changing on the multi...

memory suggestions please

Ello folks,just after a bit of info please. Im planning on swapping out my memory as i have to build my daughter a pc for which she will get my memory. so i'll need some for my CH5 but im not having much look finding some when googling model numbers...

ganji by Level 13
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No cold boot into windows?

not sure if this is a windows issue, but i have to now enter the uefi, then press F10 to boot into windows. was running at 4.8 on my rampage IV gene (3930k/water), but my vmrs were getting a bit hot, so i took it down to 4.6. temps were a bit better,...

BIOS updating - How can you save your settings?

Hi,Rather than installing a new BIOS and remembering all the changes you made before, is there a way to save your settings, update BIOS and load the old settings back as a starting point for the new BIOS????OC Profiles get wiped on install of new BIO...

roblion by Level 7
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look at this Price!

Corsair Force Series GT CSSD-F480GBGT-BK 2.5" 480GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820233222For those who want a supposedly top performer-I don't know how long this sale is good for, but,...

RickROG by Level 11
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Asus Maximus IV Gene-z/Gene3 Trouble

I bought this motherboard and when this arrive I mount the desktop with a HD7850 graphic card and 16Gb of memory (kingston DDr3 1600) a power supply thermaltake 550w.I installed the OS and about 1 hour the pc crash ... I restart and he not start agai...

Thran by Level 7
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New to RoG, Issues with XMP

Hey Guys, I just got my Rog System running and this is poste #1, so ill start with specs...Rampage IV Formula bios 1305i7-3930KCorsair H100GSKILL F3-19200CL11Q 16GBZHD (4x4GB) 2400MHz(2) PNY GTX 560 Ti SLiMSI 450 GTS dedicated PhysX(2) Samsung 830 ...

Cant Post 2400Mhz Or Higher Memory Z77 Sabertooth + 3570K

Got a 2x4GB set of Sammy 30nm, and cant get 2400Mhz. Pushed VCCSA to 1.1v from .925v, PCH up to 1.15v, vdimm to 1.625v, set timings really loose to 11-13-13-37-2T, and it still wont post. 2200Mhz 9-10-10-28 1.6V is perfectly stable without touching a...

cecil by Level 7
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Official FX Windows 7 patch(s) released

Fresh off the press http://blogs.amd.com/play/2012/01/11/early-results-achieved-with-amd-fx-processor-using-windows%C2%AE-7-scheduler-update/Patch 1: http://hotfixv4.microsoft.com/Windows%207/Windows%20Server2008%20R2%20SP1/sp2/Fix387870/7600/free/44...

garikfox by Level 7
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