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No AutoTune in AI Suite for Maximus V GENE

Hi there,One of the key reasons I purchased an ASUS board was for ASUS' brilliant AutoTune feature - one click overclocking with testing, not just a preset. Unfortunately, when I go into AI Suite there is only CPU Level Up - a preset OC feature. I do...

Future RAM Purchase questions

Hey guys, in the near future I am looking to upgrade my RAM. I will be pulling the current RAM out of my system for use in my Media Centre PC when I finally get the money to build it. Anyway, this is my choice of upgrade:http://www.itsdirect.com.au/p...

Oh dear.. What have I done!!!!

Well I only gone and bent the pins on my RIIIE CPU socket. I have spent hours trying to bend them back but no luck. I really can't afford this now after just spending £900 on ASUS GTX 690.What can I do?

CPU Temp w/Antec 920 cooler

I have a question or a request if someone could possibly explain the temp readings of the mianboard and the readings from the CPU? My temps that the MB reads is 38 while the the cores are much lower 17 I don't understand how you get 38 when I have 8 ...


Rampage IV Formula voltage issue

Hi recently picked up a rampage iv formula.The first thing I noticed on entering the bios was dram voltage was at 1.7 volts, now I know auto volts generally always give more, but I've never seen voltage that high.The second and main thing worrying me...

Maximus V problem

Hey guys, i just upgraded my computer with this motherboard and some other parts but when i start up the pc, it loads the bios and other things fine but when windows starts booting up, i get the bsod.Specs:Intel i5 2500KMaximus V GeneCorsair Vengeanc...

boinx by Level 7
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Asus Maximus IV Gene z new setup wont post -Debug code AE?

All new setup except motherboard was a open box from newegg.Everything seems to turn on fans, cpu liquid cooler pump, goes through its normalcodes when bits and pieces start then it sticks on error AE (legacy boot?).What do you guys think-I've tried ...

RUCR8Z2 by Level 7
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