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Raid0 low speed with 2 x Kingston ssd now V series 64GB

My newly installed Kingston ssd now V series 64GB ssd's in Raid0 do preform slower than my 2 x 2TB seagate barracuda hdd in raid0 , max read speed is around 100mb/s Sata i set for raid. on all ports(legacy raid option bios 1003), during boot both dis...

Laowei by Level 7
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Bios 1004 or 3304?

Hello to all the forums. I take my first thread to introduce myself: My name is Manuel and "digit" from Italy.Just like the title says, I would like to know if should go from Bios 1004 which are now "online" or worth upgrading to the latest version. ...

Maximus 5 Gene Preview/Review 8 Pack style

Hey all. Over the next few weeks I am gonna be previewing, reviewing and generally having a good time (thrashing) seeing what the new Maximus 5 Gene Z77 chipset board can do. I will be building on this post nearly everyday adding new information and ...

8_Pack by Level 12
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[Urgent: Fear :( ] Usb hub overcurrent

Good evening to all the forums.From this afternoon, occasionally, I have a pop-up layer of Windows, which says there is a "USB Hub Overcurrent".If I remember correctly, the initials of spoke Reneas. My BIOS is 1004, could depend on that?Thank you.

Single VGA with Rampage iv Formula

Hello,I'm using the ASUS Rampage IV Formula X79 motherboard. Well, it is not realy a technical problem, my question is realy simple: I am using an air cooler (a realy big one) which blocks the use of the first pci-e slot, which asus recommends using ...

R4E and Gskill memory

Hi guys, I read every post in here regarding Gskill ram and this board and I've tried everything with no success. The kit I have is the F3-17000CL9Q-16GBZH, 16 gigs 4x4. The latest thing I've tried is setting the vtt and vccsa to 1.25, clock gen to...

Shamma by Level 7
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Bios, but nothing else....

HI all, so I got my new Rampage extreme motherboard installed, with intel i7 3930k processor installed, running corsair vengance ram 16gb, 2 gtx560 superclocked video cards and 500 gig sata had drive... I get boot up screen, screen goes blank, comes ...

Heebus by Level 7
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Crosshair V DRAM stength guidelines?

Dram strength guidelines? Hi I recently bought some g.skill sniper 2133 ram, and was looking to do some overclocking with it. I was wondering if there was a list or webpage with suggestions for dram strength settings? I don't really know what directi...