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Can't see USB as a boot option - Rampage IV Extreme

Hi, I have what is probably a really dumb question. I have a Rampage IV Extreme mobo and my issue is that I can't see USB as a boot option in my BIOS. I can see my SSD and my DVD, but no option for booting from a USB. I have installed the latest dri...

Maximus IV extreme-z I7 2600k no post

So i'm having this issue, system hangs on the splash screen. No post beeps coming from speaker. Unable to enter bios. Even if I try 2nd Bios same thing. Q code 92. Boot device led stays light. If I try with video card removed I get beep code for no ...

DJ-UniK by Level 7
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2400 ram vi extreme mobo

Hey guy's So i have recently updated my ram from 1600 to 2400mhzBut cannot boot xmp at 2400Only boots at 2200Tried manually setting but to no availJust keeps loopingTried adjusting voltages nothing worksBios version 1603Ram timing are different to on...

mikey_m by Level 7
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RAM showing as N/A in BIOS

Evening all!Not posted for a long while but nice to see the forum still going strong.I have a problem with my RAM at the mo. It started few months back where I was getting random BSODs and the pc randomly crashing on startup and shut down etcSo afte...

alyraver by Level 10
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Intel RST drivers for Maximus VII Formula or Win 10 drivers?

I posted this in the ROG software section a week ago but I think that was the wrong place since it got zero responses. Hoping for more luck here. I posted it there because I was asking about the officially provided Intel RST driver package on the A...

flyinion by Level 12
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Maximus VI Gene - Q Code 99

I have a computer that is getting stuck at the ROG splash screen and displaying code 99 with the BOOT_DEVICE_LED illuminated.I have tried lots of different things and I'm hoping for some new ideas outside of what I've found on google.*-Moved RAM arou...

Crosshair V Formula-Z - 2400MHz with 32Gb RAM?

So this is a topic I've been searching for some conclusive answers on for a few days now, without managing to find anything "definitive" on the subject.I, without doing the requisite research, had always planned to bang 32GB of 2400Mhz RAM into this ...

Sundar by Level 7
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