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SSD and RAID 1 Configuration - A New Idea

Alright so back on the thread below I had been trying to boot off my SSD and have a RAID 1 array for all my data, I tried just about everything and had no luck without loosing performance on my SSD due to it being set as IDE. http://rog.asus.com/foru...

Maximus IV Extreme-Z Lucid Virtu Not Working

Hi.. I have a serious problem since few months back and trying to find a solution but there is no success.. The problem started after i upgraded my BIOS to version 3203 in which the framework has changed.. Since then, my pc keep restarting non stop, ...

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Can't change boot order BIOS 1301

So I just flashed my BIOS to the latest version 1301 and now whenever I restart my computer, it tries to boot from my DVD drive. I change the boot priority in the BIOS settings and save then restart but after it posts, it tells me to insert proper bo...

Maximus IV GENE-Z/GEN3 working on iGPU

Hi Roggers,First of all, i want to share my proud from having so great MOBO as Maximus, i`m using ASUS from near 10 years, never complained to much But now, i have to tall You about freaking me out problem.Havent yet GPU (waititng for new NVidia card...

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hechter by Level 7
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Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z LAN issue

i run WIN 7 x64 on my machineThe issue, since i bought the mainboard, is that whenever i power up my pc it displays that the lan cable is disconnected, the cable is fine, the inner mainboard contacts are fine (even cleaned them with alcohol using tho...

Windows hangs at loading screen after cold boot...

Hello All,After much deliberation and reading through the forum I have decided that I need the help of the pros!The issue I am having occurs randomly and I cannot be replicated on demand... it seems that every so often when the computer boots (right ...

cswboys by Level 7
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Crosshair V Formula / Thunderbolt With AMD FX-8150

I Was Just Wondering What Performance Index, Everyone Has Got With The Crosshair V Formula & AMD FX-8150..??My Build, Consists Of;AMD FX-8150P 8-Core [@ 3.61GHz]ASUS Crosshair V Formula With Thunderbolt Card [1102]16GB PATRIOT Gamer 2 Series "AMD Bla...

Wireless Adapter recommendation

Anyone has a recommendation for a good PCIe wireless adapter for the maximus iv?I have a d-link dwa-566 but it doesn't play nice with my PC. I need to disable/enable the adapter every time I boot up the PC because the performance is very very bad. Ev...

dolande by Level 7
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