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Maximus IV Extreme Slot layout

I thought that I had it figured out.I have 1 graphics card (x16), 1 RAID card (x8) and 1 sound card (x1).As I've read I should use slot_x16_1 for my graphics card, slot_x16_3 for my RAID card and slot_x4 for my sound card, as I don't need to use the ...

Ssoele by Level 7
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Blu ray codec

I have recently bought a samsung blu ray player for my pc yet cant find a codec to work, i have tried windows 7 codec, divx and another (cant remember the name)anyone got any that work ?

Schwuar by Level 7
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Gene V Won't Show Splash Screen or Graphics Except from MB

Have two AMD 7750's installed - can't get the MB to show anything except from the integrated graphics on the MB.Using Displayport Monitor (Samsung SA850). Have deleted integrated Intel drivers, reset CMOS a dozen times, tried DVI, HDMI and DP connec...

Crosshair V retail box and RMA questions

Somehow I think my retail box got thrown away. I need it for a new egg RMA but New egg RMA only works within like 30 days but ASUS has a 3 year warranty so how does that work. I dont need the retail box to RMA this board to Asus right? I mean that wo...

jawsome by Level 7
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Rampage IV Formula won't POST.

I'm having a problem with the following configuration:Asus Rampage IV Formula.Geforce GTX 680.Corsair H80 CPU cooler.Corsair HX750W PSU.16GB 4X4GB Corsair CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9B memory.1 WD GREEN 1TB.1 INTEL SSD 520 SERIES.Windows 7 X64 Home Premium.BIOS...

Bayron by Level 7
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PC wont boot up

Hi there guys, I just bought the Rampage IV extreme for my new setup but i'm having trouble. I keep getting different debug errors every time I boot up. The most common was pre-memory cpu initialization has started but I've gotten others. After th...

ASUS download page

Sorry if this is the wrong area to post this in, I'm having a hard time understanding the download page for my mobo. It is not clear as to what I'm supposed to download, atleast to my eyes. For example expanding BIOS opens a list of different version...

Matt_B by Level 9
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Striker Extreme & PCI-E booting?

Hello,I've just registered to ask this question, so here it goes:I would like to buy a PCI-E SSD (OCZ OCZSSDPX 1RVDX0100), and obviously I'd like to use it to boot from, could someone confirm or deny wether this is possible on a Striker Extreme mothe...

Retired by Not applicable
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R4E or Gskill

when i install 8 x 8 gskill ram it only show up 48gb. i have try reseating and test 1 by 1 it work perfect. install 6 stick it work fine until 2 more it wont show up as 64gbhere the model ram G.SKILL Ripjaws Z Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM...

ph33r85 by Level 7
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