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Need help Rampage 4 Extreem + Matrix GTX 580

Hello, I'm having a video problem with slow FPS and believe it has to do with a mother board bios setting I am looking for someone who has the same MB and Graphics Card and can help me out with some of the bios settings please.

my cpu temps

i did a lot of googleing on the fx 8150 temps and i got a lot of different answers. my cpu temp on the socket is 61c on full load and in cpu-z hwmonitor the cores are 46 under full load. is the socket temp to high or do i go by the core temps?

Confused 2 ATX power connectors

Hello I am confused i am building a new rig with a asus rampage extreme IV and a i7-3930K proseccor.On my new board ther are on top 2 connectors for the Cpu voltage.One with 4 pins and one with 8 pins.On my previus board ther was only one on top.Do i...

foxy001 by Level 7
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Alternatives to RIVE without the ASUS hassle?

Are there any good X79 MOBO alternatives you can recommend that won't have this hellish ASUS hassle of buggy BIOS, complicated RMA, lack of honoring the Warranty and horrendous support? I was just informed that my 1-pin bent MOBO was sent to ASUS Ger...

Leaking Cap on a CHV

Hi guy"s a buddy of mine was trying to remove his Matrix 580 out of his CHV and he was pushing down on the retention flap with a screw driver and the screw driver slipped and it struck the first cap that is on the top side of the pcie slot.Now its l...

Jeebus by Level 7
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Serial Number

Hey Guys,It's time for me to put on my dunce hat and pray that you can help me. When I did my last rebuild I paid no heed to boxes and serial numbers (Being the tech that I am I figured I had no need for that kind of thing) now I want to register my ...

Windows 8 Drivers

Have been running Windows 8 Customer Preview on CHV and FX CPU. Only the USB3 driver and AI Suite II will install and run; all others either will not install or they install but will not run. The ASUS MB CD also will not even load on Win 8.Any idea w...

DocLotus by Level 9
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Asus x79 rive

Where can I get a I/O Plate for my ASUS X79 RIVE mobo??? My mobo didn't come with one it's missing from the box.

DasWax by Level 7
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