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4-Way SLI

Hi,Got 4-Way SLI up and running except I believe I should have the lane speed at x16, x8, x8, x8.I am currently only getting x8, x8, x8, x8. Anybody any idea where my setup maybe going wrong ?TIA.

RIVE sudden death

I've been using my RIVE for 4 months without the slightest problems until my computer suddenly froze yesterday.After a hard reboot I got the long-three short beeps for graphics card error, after swapping the card everything was completely dead.Start,...

vdw by Level 7
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new BIOS

1404ftp://ftp.asus.com.tw/pub/ASUS/mb/LGA2011/Rampage_IV_Extreme/no description yet

RickROG by Level 11
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Possible fix for certain freezing problems with Maximus V Gene

Hi All, I just joined the forum here I'm going to kind of transplant a post I made as a reply to someone with a freezing problem here, but I thought perhaps it would be worth dedicating a new thread to it as well, in case people are experiencing prob...

trala by Level 7
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Rampage IV Extreme - Tri-SLI GTX 680 + X-Fi

Is it possible to make this configuration? I think the only way to do this, is to install X-Fi into bottom slot (PCIe 3.0 x8_4 slot), but I'm not sure that X-Fi will work that way.

booya by Level 7
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Maximus Gene V

Hello, I've recently built my new computer using the Asus Maximus Gene V motherboard and I have encountered a weird problem. Every time I turn my computer on, there's no beep and display on the screen. I also get the debug code B2 or 62 from the mot...

MVG RAID 1 slow read issue

Hi guys,I'm trying to configure RAID 1 array using Intel RST with two WD10EADS drives (green, but fixed for TLER and LCC bug).After setting up RAID 1 array I experience slow read speeds around 50-60MB/s. Write speed is fine @c.a. 85 MB/s.Setup:Asus M...

ASUS Rampage Formula IV unstable

Hello,yesterday I got my new ASUS Rampage Formula IV Mainbaord, put my Intel i7-3960X on it and booted my PC.I started by loading "Optimized BIOS Defaults" and only disabled Speedstep and C-States.All other settings were left on default.After that, I...

Demian by Level 7
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Gene V issue, no display, code 20, Second board

Hi I posted previously about issues I was having with my first Maximum Gene V motherboard, the replacement finally arrived, connected everything, tried to boot, no display, tried a couple of monitors, two sets of wires, the onboard HDMI port, reset C...

help! unable to install windows!

i juat got myself a rive with 3930k. am running raid0 with a highpoint rocketraid 2720sgl but i have issue installing windows.upon loading the drivers needed for my raid card, i will have this error that windows is not able to format my drive. can an...

jaemon by Level 7
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