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can't use Safe Mode

At GEN 3 Safe Mode hangs at pnp-final stage and I have to force shutdown. Restart and I get the overclocking failed press F1. At GEN 2 I can boot into Safe Mode, but, when I hit restart I get a BSOD-iastorA.sys error. If I boot into Safe Mode after u...

RickROG by Level 11
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Help overclocking to 5ghz

I'm stuck at 4.93 (http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2411457) and I want to at least reach 5ghz. look at the cpu-z to see what Internals I have. Oh, I am using a corsair h80 btw.Now for the bios. I'm using the 1402 bios. I loaded the extreme o...

Maximus IV Extreme Bios Failure please assist

wish i had known this site existed..anyhow my first post sorry its not going to be a fun one. anyhow current issue is both my bios1 and bios2 were updated too Version 3208 x64. (what it currently says when i boot up bios) since i flashed to this new...

R4E Windows Won't Boot After Clean Install

TL;DR: Reformatted computer today because of issues, no hardware changes. Installed W7 Pro x64 in UEFI onto a Crucial M4 connected to the Intel SATA3 ports. Now half the time it wont boot "...boot selection failed because a required device is inacces...

Want to learn more about Vcore Reading

Hi, can I know what is my actual Vcore reading is? thx Processor: i7 3930K C2 (4.6 ghz, Core Voltage 1.344V, offset +0.030) My system spec: Processor : i7 3930K C2 (4.6 ghz, Core Voltage 1.344V, offset +0.030) Motherboard: ASUS RAMPAGE 4 EXTREME RAM ...

Onboard Intel LAN card, and Audio Problems.

hey all, new member, Cody Wilkes.I recently put together a build and ran into trouble a day after i had everything working. Im having trouble with my Crosshair V formula. brand new maybe a week old. I powered up as normal, started windows 7 ult. logg...

Rampage IV SATA III issues

Hi ROGers,I come to you in need of help. It looks like my Intel 510 SSD is linking up at SATA II speeds even though it's a SATA III device, and I've connected it to the SATA III port with a SATA III cable.System info is as follows:Rampage IV moboInte...

jdk by Level 7
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Gene-Z Code 19

I am getting a Code 19 Pre Memory PCH Initialization is started. This will be the last code before the computer shuts off and reboots and is fine. This will only happen on occasion. The computer boots properly most of the time, but when it does not t...

Retired by Not applicable
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