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strix b250f gaming audio crackle

Audio is fine after installing drivers, but randomly crackles after a reboot or resume from sleep.I've updated to latest bios and latest audio drivers. latest vid drivers, latest chipset and ME patch, Toggled bios settings, used optimized defau...

richac by Level 7
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RIVBE SupremeFX - Audio crackle?

Hey all, was wondering if any other fellow RIVBE owners have run into this issue with their boards. Recently I decided to shuffle around my GPUs and remove my ZxR to see how the onboard would fare, and while the quality is decent (and the headphone a...

Jytra by Level 7
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Asus Prime Pro 370 Led not working

Hi,I have bios reset the motherboard several times because of the memory problem. (Dram does not work at 2933 MHz, Memory is running at 2666 MHz.) The speed issue is not very important right now. The motherboard's lights are not working. I checked th...

Maximus Ranger VII - Fast Boot Issues

Hi allFirst post here. I was wondering if anybody would be able to give me some advice. I have a Maximus Ranger VII which has started to exhibit some peculiar behaviour with its bootup sequence. I noticed this a few weeks ago and thought that I had r...

Fatmanp by Level 7
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Crosshair IV formula temperature improve

Hi guys. I want to lower the temperatures of my very, very old Crosshair IV formula , but im not sure what kind of thermal pads to use for VRMs . Can u tell me what thickness to use for better temperatures ? Is this suitable? Thank you in advanc...

ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition BIOS issue

Hello,Been using this fine board since 2014. Now all of the sudden the machine will do an endless loop between powering on and loading BIOS. Whenever it comes to the press F1 to enter Bios prompt it auto reboots constantly.Do I need to order a BIOS...

Maushi by Level 7
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Sonic Radar and add-on sound cards

Curious if Sonic Radar works only with the onboard Realtek sound or will it work with other add on sound cards? My sound card is the Creative Sound Blaster Z http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16829102048

pllasma by Level 7
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HELP WITH M.2 SAMSUNG 960 EVO 250GB. - Asus Z170 Pro Gaming

Hello guys, I seem to be having trouble installing my M.2 SSD. I've followed every forum post regarding this issue, but every time I get to the windows install section I don't see my driver listed for me to install windows 10 pro on to it. Currently ...

WIN 10 FCU Asus HERO VI - Problems

Hello guys!This weekend I wanted to format my PC, so I've downloaded a fresh Win10 and installed a fresh copy on my system.1- The problem is that this came with the FCU update and I'm having lot's of problems with drivers, especially with the AI suit...