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RIVE Nuvoton sensors

So, I'm using the latest OpenHardwareMonitor 0.4.0 Beta. Has anyone figured out what these two sensors are on this board please ?The way I understand it:CPU = CPU IHS tempSystem = Motherboard tempI can't figure out what CPU_WTH & Auxiliary are readi...

ugotd8 by Level 7
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OC Key not working with BIOS 1404

Hey guys, long time reader, first time account creator and poster.Currently got a RIVE with 16GB Of G.Skill 1600MHZ Memory, Intel Core i7 3930k and an ASUS GTX 680 .Before updating to the latest BIOS, the OC key worked exactly as intended. Now that I...

Bios 3402

After downloading the Bios (MaximusIV-GENE-Z-ASUS-3402) I get image corruption or Bios Image File alert both in EZ Flash and AI Suite. Tried several down loads but with the same result. Thanks

paulxmn by Level 8
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BIOS 3305 on Maximus IV GENE-Z/GEN3

hi i just testet BIOS 3305 on Maximus IV GENE-Z/GEN3 and the vcore 1,48v still is an issue on my system.how are your systems responding to the bios updatemy sys Maximus IV GENE-Z/GEN3intel core I5 2500kcorsair vangance 1600Mhz (manualy setting to 1...

Question about Q-Connector Kit

Hi everyone, I have a noob question.I have a chance to buy a used Rampage III Black Edition but without the Q-Connector Kit. So my question is, can I use the Q-Connector kit from my Sabertooth X58 on the Black Edition? If I can't I hope I can still b...

Offset with RIVE

About the Offset with RIVE. With an OC to 4.5, 4.6ghz, it's better to use the "Vcore fixed" or "Offset"?For 4.5ghz, is stable at 1.285v (LLC High)To set the offset, must be put Vcore to Auto, reboot, and if the Vcore is 1.35v.I have to 1.35v - 1.28 =...

tistou77 by Level 13
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North bridge overheating

I love my board, but lately I've been having pretty bad northbridge overheating problems. It used to be an occasional issue while gaming, but now it seems to happen while idling too. I've even go so far as to add a 92mm high speed fan for when I'm ...

Retired by Not applicable
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real temps cpu speed showing at 1499mhz?

hi i have just downloaded Real Temp GT, and its showing my processor speed as 1499mhz? i have done a cpu level up to 4.250mhz tho? Its showing as 1499 in AI suite ii also? i'm confused?many thanks for your help

alyraver by Level 10
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